• you have a solid point.  and i hope you're right.  and, in addition to what you wrote, there's probably over three percent in each state that won't vote for the ticket because of his Mormonism.

  • yeah, i'm a little concerned about Romney as well.  If no Romney, I fully expect O will carry Nevada and Colorado.  But both of those states, especially Nevada, have a not insignificant Mormon vote.

  • larger than the leads Obama has in his states.  Thus, nationally it can be tied with Obama still way ahead in the EC.

  • on a comment on US Shifting Blue over 6 years ago

    something tells me that a lot of the registered independents out in the country are far lefties sick of the center-right Democratic Party.

    I was one for a while...until the primaries of 2004 so I could vote fro Dean.

  • comment on a post A Tied Up Tossup in Minnesota over 6 years ago

    Well, then, let's not have any more elections ever in the future.  richmond199 can just look into his crystal ball as a swami and tell us what will happen.  thank you, richmond199!!!  voting is a pain in the ass!

    i know the debbie downer, pearl-clutchers like richmond199.  you have to swat them off like the little annoying gnats they are.  you had plenty of richmond199s who said the same things about Jim Webb (people like richmond199 thought he wouln't win and the only one who would win was Harris Miller) and Jon Tester (the richmond199s of the world though Tester had no chance and the only way to win was if Morrison got nominated.

    people like richmond199 never learn.  go away.  you annoy me.

  • on a comment on The racial graph over 6 years ago

    Exactly.  If this guy can hear views of AA nationalists in the mold of Malcolm X and also hear ra ra ra Americana stories about his white grandfather fighting in a segregated Army in WWII and being a hero, then isn't that the very embodiment of "bridging the racial divide"?

  • on a comment on The racial graph over 6 years ago

    I sooo have to respond to this statement by you.  And I have left this site for a while because of the extremism in supporters of various candidates.

    I am Latino male married to a white male in Boston.  Both my spouse and I actually liked Obama more AFTER these revelations.  My spouse is a Hillary person, whilst I am an Obamaman.  But he actually said he is more inclined to support Barack now because we both understand that there are two Americas and the majority of whites really give less than a shit about the plight of blacks, gays, and latinos.  There, I said it!

    I am a person who works in a mainstream professional setting.  And many people would be shocked at some of my personal beliefs.  HIV being a gov't created disease being among them.

    My point is exactly what you have made:  being able to see and hear sermons of issues that are de rigeur in the AA community and being able to compartmentalize them and move on to serious issues makes me think of Obama as MORE of a mature, responsible man who is able to lead America and not be swayed by zealots on many fronts.

  • hey, Chelsea's fair game in the political arena once she injected herself into the election.  When a diarist motherfucks Keith Olbermann using his wife as his main reason/weapon, then, yeah, like Chelsea, she's not above even being commented about.  Geez.

  • I'm glad I'm not married to some holier-than-thou sanctimonious person like that.

    People like your wife, being meek, have ensured GOP victories since 1994.  She's certainly no pillar of virtue.

    She leaves the room?  oooooooooo, that's profound.

  • rumor is Grant Woods will be appointed and will bow out by 2010, paving the way for Janet.

  • you as well.  I remember disagreeing with you on stuff (i think you may be more moderate than i am...me being far left and all), but you were always respectful and objective.

    i always tried to separate my comment into two categories, depending on the diary/topic:  1) advocacy, 2) political analysis.  Many people here hate objective political analysis if it doesn't conform to their worldview and/or their favorite candidate.

  • yeah, i am leaving a site i have been going to for five years because my candidate lost a caucus in Nevada?

    are you nuts?

  • thanks.  and the sig seems to describe most of the hillbots here.  why don't they attack REPUBLICANS with the same amount of venom that they do the Obama and Edwards people here.

  • Look at my history.  I have defended Hillary against attacks here for YEARS.  Before YOU were here.

    I resent you calling me a woman hater.  See, this is exhibit A in what I am talking about.  I jumped from supporting Hillart because of Mark Penn, Terry McAuliffe and Lee Feinstein also Harold Ford becoming Chairman of the DNC upon a Clinton victory.

    I've even told of how my own mother resembles Hillary in an uncanny way.  Looks just like her and they are similar in age and my mom was/is a bigtime feminist.  I doubt I would be a misogynist being raised by such a person.

  • yeah, I saw yours after I had hit submit on mine.

    How long have you been here?  I have been posting consistently for the past five years.  Since the Dean phenomenon in 2003.

    I doubt I'll be back.  And I don't just whistle dixie.  When I am done, I am done.  No one will see me back here after this diary.  

    I am not happy about it because you get attached to a site like this when you've been posting for years.  


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