Why Jews Go to Lamont

Now, in the comments section to one of the main posts, someone asked why the Jewish vote seemed to be going to Lamont. Well, from the perspective of a very liberal (I consider myself a Social Democrat [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Demo crat] in the European sense) Reform Jew.

Well, take it from me, Jews, though we do tend to vote for the Jewish candidate (as African-Americans tend to vote for African-Americans, Hispanics for Hispanics, etc.), we also tend to be quite liberal. The vast majority of Jews have ALWAYS voted for the Democratic candidate for President every election since 1932, and the Jewish vote is known to be much more liberal then many other subgroups (except maybe African-Americans).

The exception is Orthodox Jews, who tend to be Socially Conservative (pro-life, anti-gay, and often a bit sexist). Of course, some are social liberals like Lieberman, but now I'm rambling.

My main point is this. The Orthodox Jews tend to be the most Conservative of Jews, and that 25% of the Jewish Population that is registered Republican is mostly Orthodox. Now, what you'll find is that everyone else (Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, etc.) are almost 100% Democrat, and mostly on the left-wing on the party. Therefore, the reason I believe that the Democratic Jewish vote is going with Lamont, is because those voters have never really loved Lieberman that much anyway, and I know this from expierience, many are a bit turned off by his extreme-religiousity (he divorced his first wife because she was "too liberal" theologically) and sometimes I've heard him compared to a member of the Religious Right.

Now, the Orthodox disagree with this, but many (if not most) of them are Republicans anyway,  so many of them don't even get to vote. The Jewish vote being sampled is that of Jewish Democrats, who while there are some conservative Orthodox Dems, the majority are liberal Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Dems.

While some of these Jews might go to Lieberman because of his pro-Israel views (which is silly, because as pointed out by someone on here earlier, Lamont is very pro-Israel as well), in the end, the most religiously Zionist of Jews are the Orthodox, and while us Reforms, Conservatives and Reconstructionsist are Zionists as well, are very liberal views and dislike of Lieberman's extreme religiosity overrule this in many cases, giving the vote over to Lamont.

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Re: Why Jews Go to Lamont

The Jewish vote in CT is probably going to Lamont, because of the war, and Lieberman's closeness to Bush and the GOP.  Though he has been a kind of a golden boy in the Jewish Community here since he was the first to get to the level of Vice Presidential nominee (and technically won).

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