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    If we've learned ANYTHING about Obama from the primary and general elections, it's that he is completely willing to lose the battles but win the overall war.

    i'm not really sure how Obama "lost" this round, since he got the bill passed and looked like he was bipartisan, while fulfilling a number of campaign promises (like the tax cuts)

    but i'm pretty sure that even if he "lost" this round, he's setting the stage to win in the long run by looking far more cooperative than the republicans.

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    and while not voting for the bill, the republicans were praising him for trying to work with him and for listening, and obama still got the bill passed.

    who do you think is going to get any blame for partisan bickering?

    remember - he did this in the general election too - he let mccain attack him at the beginning of the general election without hitting back, and then later when obama was running attack ads 24/7 in september, people still blamed mccain for the dirtiness because their opinion had been formed.

    well, obama's doing it again, this time with the whole "bipartisanship" thing. he'll later be able to ram stuff down the republican's throats without getting much blowback

    lets face it - obama's just a better politician than the rest of us.


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