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    Clark has so much going on that I believe he will finish up his previous commitments before he announces. That puts it around 3rd week of March.

    He's speaking at a multi-national gathering in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia on the 25th of this month:

    http://www.pressreleasenetwork.com/newsr oom/news_view.phtml?news_id=2023

    And he's hosting a Conference on National Security at UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations March 6 & 7.

    http://www.international.ucla.edu/showev ent.asp?eventid=5566

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    Just to clear up your perception that Clark would be for "more military spending."

    http://www.awesclarkdemocrat.com/2006/06 /reminder_general_wesley_clark.htm

  • I am not, and never will be. Bad enough he voted for it, but that he co-sponsored it along with the Patriot Act shows either an extreme lack of judgement, or that he was putting his political future ahead of anything else.

    He is just too inexperienced in areas of foreign policy which is way too important in today's world. Sure, he can appoint advisors to guide him, but why should we once again have a president who is merely a figurehead with decisions and policy being made behind the scenes?

  • Ah. Explains a lot. Thanks!

  • you are understandably jaded. I was too -- to the point of having given up altogether on politics. It was after hearing Michael Moore speak back in 2003, going on about this General guy that I started looking in to Clark.  And yeah, in some respects he is what some would call naive in that he believes in the goodness of people and in doing the right thing. His son once replied to a remark that General Clark is like one of those 50's sitcom dad's and Wes, Jr. said, yeah, he's really like that.

    There really are good and righteous people left in this world, and General Clark is without question one of them.

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    This is true. I have a big problem trusting his judgement. It will be good to see how he handles this.

    To be clear, I'm a Clarkie so it matters not to me the outcome, but I do feel Edwards is in one of those no win situations. Whichever way he goes, some are bound to be pissed/disappointed.

  • If you had read the comments below, you would see that General Clark has NOT been on a campaign for himself. Still isn't. He's working for the good of the Party and our country, and thus all of us. I know it's hard to comprehend that, but that's really who he is.

    Those who have been campaigning for President or the last 4-6 years have the war chests to show for it. All the money WesPAC made went to the '06 races. Big difference.

    Once he announces, THEN he'll be campaigning. The Corporate Press is shoving their choices down our throats once again, and I won't fall for it.

  • Me too, abburdlen! The fact that General Clark is spending so much of his time and energy trying to STOP the next war is a bit unnerving. It makes it glaringly obvious he knows how close it is to happening.

    His speech was a reflection of the dire circumstances we're in and I hope the people there got it.

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    Hmmmmm. I think he did.

    http://home.comcast.net/~freshlaundry/FL ASH/

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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    Clark understands perfectly the differences. Watch or read the transcript of his exchange with Hannity on 1/23/06:

    ~ snip ~

    Sean Hannity: But do you...I agree with that, but do you really believe there's even a smidgen of hope that the Holocaust denier, that the guy that threatens the US and Israel, do you really believe this madman is somebody that ultimately can be persuaded?

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: Well I don't think he's the only...Sean, he's not the only guy in Iran. I mean there are a lot of people in Iran who are...who really want to see a change in the situation in the region. We've got to reach around Ahmedinejad one way or another. We've got to show a different vision for the region. We've got to help those in Iran who want a different vision in the region come forward. That's our obligation as the most powerful country in the world.

    Sean Hannity: I think the single best security we will have against Iran is to have the biggest, strongest, toughest military and the means to back it up. Let me ask you this, sir. You said, you said...

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: Well you know the military is the last resort.

    Sean Hannity: I agree. You said

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: If we could change people's mind without using the military, we'll all be a lot more secure.

    Sean Hannity: I don't believe you can change the mind of a madman like Ahmedinejad. I think that's false hope.

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: I don't think he's the only guy in charge, Sean.

    Sean Hannity: Well I think it's false hope and naïve.

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: I think you're making the same mistake we made with Saddam. I think you're trying to personalize a country around a single person.

    Sean Hannity: I'm not. I'm not, but he's their leader.

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: and that was the mistake in Iraq.

    Sean Hannity: He's their voice.

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: He is one voice in Iran. That's all...


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    If you're at all interested in learning the truth, you can watch the Iraq Debate from 2002 -- they're showing it on C-Span3 now and so far both Senators Boxer and Kennedy have quoted General Clark's HASC Testimony as reasons they're against going into Iraq.

    http://www.c-span.org/watch/cspan3_rm.as p?Cat=TV&Code=CS3

    Senator Wellstone also quoted General Clark -- he hasn't been up yet. Right now it's Senator Snowe.

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    That was a Corporate Press myth that everyone believes.

    ...I followed Clark's campaign pretty closely in 2004 and I remember things slightly differently.

    Indeed, looking back, I think the conventional wisdom is that John Edwards excelled as a candidate, while Clark never really caught on with voters. That's not quite what happened.

    ~If interested read on at The Carpetbagger:

    http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/arc hives/9242.html#more-9242

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    From Lowell at Raising Kaine:

    [UPDATE by Lowell: As far as I know, this story has not been confirmed yet. However, Dave does have excellent contacts in Clark World, plus Clark will be speaking at the DNC event on Friday with the other announced candidates, so it's certainly possibly he's right.]

    [UPDATE #2 by Lowell:  I just talked to my own "platinum" source and I would even more strongly reiterate my previous update - Dave's story has NOT been confirmed!]

    http://www.raisingkaine.com/showDiary.do ?diaryId=6894

    I will wait until I hear it from the man himself.

  • We do have someone -- who I believe will run -- that knows what to do.


    Link is to General Clark's appearance last night on Hannity and Colmes. You can read the transcript or watch the video.

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    Naw. His being a 4-Star General had nothing to do with my original support for him. Now of course, it is exactly what we need.

    His position on the issues, his quick and brilliant mind, his warmth and compassion, his standing in the world are what got me.

    If you don't know anything about him, I hope you'd take the time to learn.




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