• Clark was a registered Independent until he registered Dem.
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    Knows war firsthand - would not send troops into a war unless it was the "last, last, last resort." Believes in diplomacy, talking to everyone, getting inside the head of his enemy and outsmarting them.

    Michael Moore on General Clark:

    "This is not about voting for who is more anti-war or who was anti-war first or who the media has already anointed. It is about backing a candidate that shares our values AND can communicate them to Middle America. I am convinced that the surest slam dunk to remove Bush is with a four-star-general-top-of-his-class-at-West-Point-Rhodes-Scholar-Medal-of-Freedom-winning-gun-owner-f rom-the-South -- who also, by chance, happens to be pro-choice, pro environment, and anti-war. You don't get handed a gift like this very often. I hope the liberal/left is wise enough to accept it. It's hard, when you're so used to losing, to think that this time you can actually win. It is Clark who stands the best chance -- maybe the only chance -- to win those Southern and Midwestern states that we MUST win in order to accomplish Bush Removal. And if what I have just said is true, then we have no choice but to get behind the one who can make this happen.

       ...Here are just a few of the reasons why I feel this way about Wes Clark:

    1. Clark has committed to ensuring that every family of four who makes under $50,000 a year pays NO federal income tax. None. Zip...

    2. He is 100% opposed to the draft...

    3. He is anti-war...

    4. He walks the walk. On issues like racism, he just doesn't mouth liberal platitudes -- he does something about it...

     -lots more
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    won't toe the line with the corporate masters, born and raised a regular guy - not an elitist.
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    Liberal, enlightened, spiritual, intelligent, puts love of country before all else.
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    and recommended. A poster here brought this over to CCN (Clark Community Network) - I hope everyone there comes and signs.

    I think things are going to continue to get uglier and uglier. The thugs know they're going down. Like a cornered animal, they're not going to go down quietly.

  • I think this is a great idea. Who in their right mind would want to ever set foot in that so-called church again? I wonder if Jim wallis or Sojourners knows about this.

    This is another situation that should wake up the true Christians in this country - by now they should be clued that their religion has been hijacked.

    Here's a link to Contact Sojourners:



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