• what michelle said doesn't apply just to black people. lots of white people too don't receive the validation they need to aspire to better themselves. she said part of the rationale for the campaign is to encourage and inspire people to reach for the possible.

    did you see the jefferson jackson dinner? obama hits on this same theme towards the end of his speech.


  • one of the parts of the interview i liked is where michelle said she and barack are no different from anybody else. said they are no smatter or gifted than others. that this is the part of the message they want to impart in the campaign. they want to show people that they too can aspire to bigger things. it just takes perserverance.

    a caution for everyone: it's easy to misread statements and twist their meaning when people takes quotes out of context without seeing the interview.

    i'm not one to allow a spouse to influence their support for a candidate, but michelle was something else in that interview. it wasn't the usual pablum one is used to hearing. she said things i've never heard somebody in the political world comment upon.
    the  strength of will and honesty she exuded in that interview was amazing.

  • obama's best selling books got him that house.

    do you complain about edward's and gore's manse too?

  • comment on a post Spending in Iowa over 6 years ago

    have you commented upon iowa's allowance for crossover voting?

  • comment on a post Two Records Compared: Hillary is a Real Progressive over 6 years ago

    problem with ADA is that it doesn't tease out records like this:

    With Santorum, Clinton co-sponsored the Workplace Religious Freedom Act; she didn't back off even after Republican senators such as Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter pulled their names from the bill citing concerns that the measure would protect those refusing to perform key aspects of their jobs--say, pharmacists who won't fill birth control prescriptions, or police officers who won't guard
    abortion clinics.

    http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/ 2007/09/hillarys-prayer-3.html

    hillary supported legislation that would have protected pharmacists in denying women birth control. a proud possition for a so called feminists to hold.

    it's people who think of hillary, despite her continual hawkishness, as some kind of closet liberal who is only posturing as a "centrist" as a way to get elected, who once in office will then magically flower into a committed progressive -- who are deluded.

  • clinton's slippery, unprincipled, disingenious political calculations is the reason why the public has lost trust with the party and the reason why it's had to work to regain it back. we need leaders people can believe in again. who can be depended upon for their honesty and integrity. that doesn't describe either clintons.

    it isn't smart politics to "play" people. eventually, they catch on.

    if clinton had any integrity at all, he'd come out against this war, and demand the end of occupation.  


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