Google donates 5$ Million to Journalism

Google has donated $5million in the hopes of driving technology for news and new platforms.  With this type of push toward electronic journalism, there will be new mediums and avenues that will open up as in the world of journalism as it re-invents ways to gather and spread news quicker, easier, and cheaper. 

Google's money is pushing toward trying to find a s standard a standard news platform that people can use to find their news on their mobile device and through the internet.

In the world of public relations how is this relevant. Well to start off, this may very well be a new avenue to promote google related publicity. Anything that Google will want to promote, they can tie right next to the news column that many will be reading.  Not only that, Google can push for a new iphone applications that will allow the users to access Google news faster and easier.  Public relations professionals for google will also be inclined to get more work with maintaing a new platform to deal with.  As Google will own this platform for news, many people will be subjected to any type of google generated content, even more than whats already shown. The public relations team for google already realize how many people will start using this platform and are probably jumping up and down for a news platform for google. 

The money that is focused towards grass-root journalism will bring the new age journalism to a new frontier.  If Google allows a section of the news, or a user-brought news focus, it will overtake most news websites that are currently being used. 

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From the Google blog:

Journalism is fundamental to a functioning democracy. So as media organizations globally continue to broaden their presence online, we’re eager to play our part on the technology side—experimenting with new ways of presenting news online; providing tools like Google Maps and YouTube Direct to make websites more engaging for readers; and investing heavily in our digital platforms to enable publishers to generate more revenue.

But while we’re mostly focused on working with news organizations to develop better products for users, we also believe it’s crucial to encourage innovation at the grassroots level. That’s why we’re giving $5 million in grants to non-profit organizations that are working to develop new approaches to journalism in the digital age. Our aim is to benefit news publishers of all sizes.

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