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    But it seems like she's trying to become J.J. Hunsecker between now and 2008.   Pathetic.  She's proven over the past few years that if you're a columnnist who believes in nothing, then nobody cares what you have to say anymore.   She should go back to writing cutesy pieces about George Bush's oedipal complex so her readers can chuckle about it in pilates class.

    (McCain is going to be a tough one, but we can stop him. )

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    Fascinating.   It makes sense that all info rising it to the top in a campaign would be processed by staffers, but it's interesting to learn that for Warner there were purpose-built opportunities for him to get it live and direct from the sources.  Great idea.

    This stuff is just too interesting for words alone.  How the work of bloggers enters into the day-to-day of a political campaign needs to be a made into a documentary or something...

    (my wife is reading over my shoulder right now and is convinced that I have just passed beyond the nerd point of no return)

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    I'm really, really curious about how Warner was kept informed about what was going on in the blogs.  This is more of a technical question about staffing, but I am really interested to learn how the habit of blogging meshed in real-time with the everyday needs of a candidate.  

    Was he told "a viva voce" what was happening?  Where there blog summaries in his briefing folders?  If somebody saw an important story on the blogs, did they send it to Warners Blackberry?  Does he use a Blackberry?  

    Long term goals aside for a minute, I'd like to know how what we did here made it into--or didn't make it into--the everyday workings of the Warner PAC.

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    the typical percentage of registered voters who actually vote in any given year?  Is it something like 80%+?  Or more like 50% and lower?

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    Hate crime committed with a severed deer's head vs. attempted homocide of a marriage-violating mistress.   It's a tough call who gets the prize for best campaign-issue-as-made-for-TV-drama.

    But there does seem to be this overwhelming force in the Dems this time around that the Repubs just don't have.

    Is it too simplistic to credit YouTube, and the Dem's being a quick study on using it?  

  • Careful....somebody said "I'm exhausted" over at Kos the other day and the readers mobilized half of Boston to make sure she was OK.

  • It amazes me, too.  And he throws a great party.

    BTW, Jerome.  Whatever happens....THANKS FOR ALL YOU DID ON THE CAMPAIGN!

    And I'm more than a little disappointed that this probably means there won't be a party at the top of the Sears Tower for YK07.

    (Seriously...your work with Warner was inspiring)

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    a health issue beyond exhaustion, but that he just wants to keep private for now.  I hope that is not the case,

  • My reading of Warner is that he is someone who really wants to accomplish as much as he can.  If he knows the landscape has changed so he cannot win the nomination--I think he's the kind of person who would refocus to accomplish something else.

    For some reason, I see Warner as indefatigable.   I'm guessing there's some other earth shaking news out there (e.g., Obama running, etc.) that makes all of Warner's strengths as a Presidential candidate no longer unique--so he's retooling to take on his next big achievement.

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    I guess we may have to wait a few days before Jerome can help us understand the logic behind the decision--but I am looking forwarrd to that valuable perspective.

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    Any truth to the rumors about Warner circulating on Kos?

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    I think somebody got to Lamont and told him that if he gave Lieberman a few weeks to drop out with grace, then the party would fall in behind Lamont06 with full force.

    Then Lieberman brokered a deal with Rove, Mehlman pulled support from Schlessinger, and Schumer couldn't do anything.

    I just don't see any other reason why Lamont vanished for two weeks.

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    Why would they give Hastert a supboena when they can give him a latte and muffin instead?

    The two Republicans put on this "ethics" subcommittee have both been recipients of money from Hastert in the past.  And one is in the district right next to Hastert.

    It's a joke.  Whatever this ethics crew is doing has more in common with a ham sandwich than an investigation.

    It's like putting the dog in charge of guarding the dog food--or like putting Mark Foley in charge of guarding the pages.

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    No more windfall profits from the health of the American citizen. Period.

    These initiatives:

    - Massive overhall of health insurance industry and big pharma

    • Massive overhall of hospitals and medical care
    • Massive overhall of health education in public schools
    • Massive public immunization programs
    • Massive regulation of "death food" industry (a.k.a. junk food)

    5-year targets for:

    • Radical decrease in childhood asthma
    • Radical decrease in childhood Diabetes
    • Radical decrease in Heart disease
    • Radical descrease in STDs (all of 'em)
    • Radical leap forward for cancer treatment
    • Basic healthcare for every American (ain't rocket science)

    All of the above kill more people every month than terrorism.

    It's obscene that we panic so much about gatorade and baby formula getting through airport security, but we are asleep on healthcare.

    Health, health, health.  Enough already with this nonsense of a fat, artery-clogged, wheezing, pill-popping, helpless and afraid population.  For goodness sakes.  What's the point of national security if the population drops dead at 45 anyway...

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    Sure, but trying to stay in the media spotlight as the principal in a campapign and staying out of the way on the key issue of the day--those two aren't really possible at the same time.  If they are in the spotlight, which they will be, Dems need to be ready to respond that "this issue epitomizes the problems we have in a Republican lead government:  horrible mistakes are made that ruin the lives of innocent people, and nobody is held accountable.  Even worse:  active efforts are made to hide the mistakes, efforts that lead to more ruined lives by more innocent people.   We don't just need a slight change in our government--we need a BIG change, a massive change, a total change from the current system of corruption to a new system of accountability and responsibility..."


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