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    Fascinating.  Bongo drums and all.  I'm heading over there get up to speed...

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    I found this here:

    Ross Douthat

    Ross Douthat joined the Atlantic staff as a reporter/researcher in 2002. Now an associate editor, he edits the letters section of the magazine, oversees "Primary Sources," and writes on topics ranging from higher education to national politics to celebrities' religious conversions.

    Ross is 2002 graduate of Harvard University, and his Ivy League experience inspired his 2005 book Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class, which Booklist called a "withering indictment of Harvard's institutional culture," and The Wall Street Journal praised for its "rare
    lyricism." He has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, National Review, Policy Review, and Details. He also blogs, intermittently, at www.theamericanscene.com. A native of New Haven, Connecticut, he now lives in Washington, D.C.

    Recent articles by Ross Douthat:

    "They Made America"
    (December 2006)

    Who are the ­most influential figures in American history? The Atlantic recently asked ten eminent historians. The result was The Atlantic’s Top 100—and some insight into the nature of influence and the contingency of history. Was Walt Disney really more influential than Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Benjamin Spock than Richard Nixon? Elvis Presley than Lewis and Clark? John D. Rockefeller than Bill Gates? Babe Ruth than Frank Lloyd Wright? Let the debates begin.

    "Leaps of Faith"
    (July/August 2006)

    When pop stars get religion.

    "Gingrich's Long Game"
    (April 2006)

    The former speaker of the House is looking for a second act. Will he get it?

    "Primary Sources"
    (January/February 2006)

    The religion effect; a less violent world; one (very good) reason to resist early retirement.

    "Primary Sources"
    (December 2005)

    Will Saudi Arabia's Shiites remain docile?; Europe's dim view (quelle surprise!) of the United States; new doctors as menaces; the fairer, cleaner sex.

    "Primary Sources"
    (November 2005)

    Post-Gaza Israel; the travails of black cabbies; the (continuing) migration of the Electoral College; how to spot a spy.

    "Does Meritocracy Work?"
    (November 2005)

    Not if society and colleges keep failing to distinguish between wealth and merit.

    "Primary Sources"
    (October 2005)

    The prospects for a united Korea; a new study of old studies; TV dads gain financial ground; AIDS in the Islamic world.

    "Primary Sources"
    (September 2005)

    Terrorism tallies; do good grades cost minority kids popularity?; the long-term benefits of nonviolence; why athletes should wear red.

    "Primary Sources"
    (July/August 2005)

    A liberal's case for the death penalty; can Iraq stop worrying about Iran?; bottomless appetites; congressional cheats.

    "The Apocalypse, Rated PG"
    (May 2005)

    Can a socially conservative Christian Republican succeed in Hollywood? Philip Anschutz is betting he can.

    "The Truth About Harvard"
    (March 2005)

    It may be hard to get into Harvard, but it's easy to get out without learning much of enduring value at all. A recent graduate's report.

    "A Muslim Europe?"
    (January/February 2005)

    [This article is unavailable online.]

    "Primary Sources"
    (December 2004)

    Federal air marshals behaving badly; why women get less sleep than men; divorce among born-again Christians.

    "Rebranding America"
    (November 2004)
    Promoting "Brand America"

    "The God Vote"
    (September 2004)

    "Rumsfeld’s Rules Revisited"
    (September 2004)

    "Kerry’s Secret Weapon?"
    (June 2004)

    Hundreds of thousands of swing-state radio listeners may turn the unlikely Howard Stern into a presidential kingmaker.

    Have fun!

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    Numb left leg,  hmmm...Did you check for snake bites?

    OT:  Very interesting exchange over in the dKos mega-Edwards thread.    Very, very interesting.  I think that Edwards visit to the Lamont campaign--how it happened, the questions it left unanswered, etc.--is a microcosm of the entire relationship between the progressive movement and the Democratic Party.  

    I hope you folks who spent alot of time on the ground in CT are planning some kind of moderated round-table discussion at YK07.  That would be a great way to share the experience/insights with everyone.   I'd love to see that...

  • You're just arguing against your own rhetoric,  here.  Basically, you've said that you don't care who makes the burgers as long as the burgers continue to taste good.  Then, after saying that, you argue that if we hire new cooks, the burgers won't taste good anymore.

    Look..if, as you put it, we are all American, then why not reach out to more Americans? If that's your view, then you shouldn't care who we reach out to.   And if it's just about finding good analysis, why not say, "Hey, we haven't looked over there for good anlaysis.  Let's try that next time!"   Againk, it shouldn't matter to you if the editorial practice adds on a few new search criteria.

    So, it seems to me that if you actually read what's in the post, you will see we are on the same page.

  • It's a good view.  But I think the "white boys club" is not really who "we" are if you take the full readership into account.

    I'm glad you picked up on the environment suggestion because what I hope people will see, here, is that we have the opportunity at this sight to throw some ideas at the moderators--just ideas.   "Hey, it would be great if...when you talk amongst yourselves about ways to make this site even better...you remembered that conversation last week with a bunch of ideas..."  That kind of thing.

    I think one of the opportunities we have here is to post our ideas when we get them, so that's all.

    Anyway, point noted:  no pamphlets.

  • I don't know about that.  The point is not to have quotas, but just to consider a some new options when inviting people.  I don't think, for example, that FDL considers the men who post on the front page to be "diversity posters."  

  • I'm afraid I just don't see the site in this terms.  Sounds like you want this blog to become some sort of policy pamphlet.

    But "social engineering"?  I'm having hard time figuring out if that's said in gest or not...

  • The MyDD editors solicit content through a variety of channels, some anonymous, some not.  My suggestion is to include these new ideas for soliciting content in the thinking moving forward, not to scrap all previous approaches and move over to an entirely new set of editorial practices.

  • I don't want  content that "reflects" diversity.  I want content that is diverse.

    I see two reasons to seek out diversity:  (1) to increase the quality of the content on the site, and (2) to make the site more valuable to the readership moving forward.

  • BG is my religion.  Love that show.

  • My suggestions are 100% about conent.  You are not making making a "content" argument, but a "quality" argument (e.g., if MyDD solicitations for front page conent include consideratioons of gender, race or military status, then that will lower the "quality" of the content).

    What makes you think the quality of front page posts will go down if the ideas proposed in this thread are taken into consideration?

  • The ideas in this post/thread do focus on content.

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    I was just talking to my wife about this the other day--about becoming a big fan of Nancy Pelosi almost instantly.

    I think there is just something about Pelosi's presence after the elections that has made her very likeable.  Emanuel always looks like he's been hit in the side of the head with a phone book just seconds before going on camera.  Reid always looks like he's struggling against a 12 hour Ambien.  But Pelosi has this bright smile and speaks up.  I know it's partly the face lifts, but whatever she's doing--it's a nice change.  

    I'm officially a Nancy boy.

  • I would not believe anything he says.  He uses marketing techniques even when he talks about his use of marketing techniques.  The purpose of his poll reports is not to relay information, but to spin the debate.  

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    this 'bipartisanship' talk is a bunch of crap.   People need to start seeing it as an attack from the GOP, not an olive branch.  

    These folks will not change.   Period.


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