Can We Recover?

We are days out for the NH primary and I find myself reading the comments on here, and worse find myself making comments on here, that speak to a huge division in our community if not the entire Democratic Party. We had a great year in 2006 and for the most part I would like to believe we came together. We have been winning, as a team, because the overall message of our Party is what the country needs right now AND because the Republicans have destroyed their own credibility and done untold damage to our society and our nation. My fear is that we are throwing this all away with our bickering.

I believe that we should have a contested primary and I believe that we should have a lively debate within our Party. What I don't understand is how it has boiled down to petty hatred as quickly as it has. We have three top tier candidates who would all make excellent, though vastly different, Presidents. They are also all amazing candidates who can surely do what is necessary to beat whichever lightweight the R's throw at us in November (the only possibly exception is McCain, who still seems to enjoy a strange popularity, but I think even he is quite beatable.)

My fear is that it is all going to get thrown away because of we are going to tear ourselves apart. I don't mean the candidates either. They will all survive to be good Democrats and to fight another day regardless of what happens. But what about us? I have seen things, and I fear said things, in these discussions that are far worse than anything we would say to, or about, our opponents. We are all, I thought, on the same team here. Or at least I think we were, I am not sure there is any going back to that now.

Obama supporters, and I am one at this point, have been pegged as mindless sheep. We are told that our candidate has no substance and that if we believe in him we must be stupid; the implication being that there is no place for us in the party.

Clinton supporters have been accused of being willing to throw away the party in return for a Clinton dynasty, they have been accused of being ignorant, snide, and arrogant. Then again, I suppose we all have been a bit of those things lately.

I can't speak intelligently on how Edwards supporters have been treated here, although they have certainly sounded angry so I assume the treatment has been just as bad as the treatment of Obama and Clinton supporters. I have seen some of it, but not as much as with the others.

My point is that we have all been treating each other pretty poorly lately. We are all supposed to be on the same team when this is all said and done, and I am not sure that can happen if we stay on the path we are on. It is something to think about seriously, because we have big problems to solve and we all believe that our party is the one that is going to solve them.

I for one am going to vote for whoever our nominee is, and although I have my favorite... and we all do, I believe everyone feels the same way. Lively debates are good, and we all want to win. We all want our candidates to win. Lets not forget that more importantly than all that we want our team to win.

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Alot of it...

...sort of reminds me of the way families bicker and fight. Families can be really rough on each other because we know each others "buttons." But blood is thicker than water and come Nov. 2008 you know that every person on here will be standing shoulder to shoulder for whomever the nominee is.


by Mystylplx 2008-01-05 11:19AM | 0 recs
Re:2008 is Different- BRAVADO will Hurt

I'm not so sure about that.

I have not seen the democratic party this divided almost equally between 3 candidates in many years.

Its 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.

And some Obama fanatics are not helping by their personal attacks on supporters of Clinton & Edwards. ( and direct attacks on Hillary & John)

The difference in 2008 is there is no boogey man. No George W. Bush that will just easily unite the democratic party.

Second big difference today is the desperation part. We now control both the House & Senate.

This was unlike 00 & 04, were democrats we so desperate to win anything. Or the feeling in '92 were we had not won a Presidential race in over a decade.

This will not be a easy kiss & make-up.
Especially if the attacks continue from some overly fanatic Obama supporters.

If Obama ends up as the nominee, he better pray that we don't see a John McCain and/or a Mike Bloomberg. Or we could very easily see a portion of Democrats being McCain democrats and/or Bloomberg democrats.

Liberals, young & old, combined with solid African-Americans can unite behind Obama in the GE, that still won't do it without solid support of the moderate wing of the democratic party.

The Clinton supporters that are being attacked by some zealot Obama supporters are the same Clinton Democrats who will determine Obama's fate in places like OH,FL,IA,NH,WI,AR,NJ,CO,NM come November.

Without Moderate democrats, its going to be an electoral landslide in Purple states. Especially if McCain or Guiliani as the nominee.

I don't care if you beat the GOP by 10%, even 15% among Independents. If even 5-10% of the Democrats cross, its over especially in Purple states.

Right now, there is a segment in Edward's base & an segment in Clinton's base who will have a very hard time voting for Obama.

So while Barack Obama himself is reaching out to other democrats, some of his fanatical supporters are doing the exact opposite.

The insults especially coming from young Obama
out of pure emotion does not help.

Besides, its way way too early for this. Obama can even win NH & its still not going to be an easy victory. Experience teaches you that. Which our young people don't understand.

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