Strip the Pork, Send it back

There's been talk of the right strategy following the veto.

Seems to me that the simplest solution is to strip the pork out of the bill, and send it back.  Stripping out the pork takes away a Republican talking point. That talking point is designed to reinforce the constant Republican drumbeat that all legislation is political, that all actions are partisan and therefore not substantive.

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YearlyKos in Second Life

I've posted a diary over at DKos describing our plans for bring YearlyKos into the metaverse called Second Life, so that people who cannot get to Chicago can attend virtually.  

Here's the link

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Hillary spent 36 million dollars?!?

Kevin Drum has noted that Hillary spent 36 million dollars, by far the most of anyone running for Senate in this cycle.   I didn't believe that; while I heard endlessly about Menendez and Kean, I heard nothing about her.  It seems to me the only way to amass numbers like that is with big media buys inexpensive markets.

But here's the FEC summary from the second week of October:

New York SEN Democratic Party Incumbent

Total Receipts: $37,853,894
Transfers From Authorized Committees: $58,467
Individual Contributions: $35,622,256
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees: $1,439,697
Contributions from Party Committees $8,925
Candidate Contribution: $0
Candidate Loans: $0
Other Loans: $0

Total Disbursements: $29,450,302
Transfers to Authorized Committees: $0
Individual Refunds: $726,040
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds: $23,500
Candidate Loan Repayments: $0
Other Loan Repayments: $0

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Wow. Winning matters

Chris Bowers, Kos, and, fwiw, myself look to have been wrong about  the Lamont race being lose-lose for the left blogosphere.  I just picked up the paper, and AdNags pretty much has it right.  The Times editorial page pretty much has it right. Noam Scheiber (!) pretty much has it right.  There's some pretty incoherent hand-wringing about the future of the Democratic party if guys like a young Harry Reid can't get elected to the State House, but otherwise it looks he's read and understood CtG.

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