Breaking LA Times Poll- Obama Leads By 12

The LA Times has just released a new national poll.

Obama 49   McCain 37

The lead extends to 15 points when you factor in Nader and Bob Barr.

Obama 48   McCain 33

Obama's lead is due to his stance on domestic issues. He leads among women, black voters and other minorities.  And he ties among white voters and independents. So much for the racial problem.

The most exciting news is the enthusiasm gap. 81% of Obama voters are enthusiastic about voting for him, versus 45% of McCain voters who feel the same.

Interesting nuggets. Bush's approval is down to 23%.

Democrats viewed favorably by 51%, Republicans by 29%.

Guess that Newsweek poll was not an outlier. na-poll25-2008jun25,0,5763707.story

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New LATimes/Bloomberg Poll

The LATimes/Bloomberg poll has been released with results in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina. The polls were in the field Thursday-Monday, so there was only one day the whole "bitter" controversy was not covered.

The polls do not show the dustup hurting Obama. In Pennsylvania, Clinton leads by just 5 points, 46 to 41. In Indiana, Obama leads by 5 points, 40-35. The spread in North Carolina had a 13 pt. Obama advantage.

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