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    I early voted yesterday. I live in Gwinnett County which has been fairly reliably republican. I was thrilled to see the long line stretching out into the parking lot when I pulled in. The wait was over an hour and a half but well worth it. I was very pleased to note that at least 40% of the line was African American, and there were lots of young people. It was encouraging and thrilling to vote for Obama and Jim Martin.

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    I certainly don't think it would be today. why in the world would they want to step on such a good story? If they announce the VP pick today, all the news shows would talk about that instead of the McCain house flap. You can tell it's really getting under McCain's skin. They are flailing in response and firing off all their oppo ammo. Fine by me. I'd just as soon get it out now to give it time to dissipate.

  • Obama has already made Indiana competitive. Bayh would put him over the top. I don't see how McCain wins without Indiana.

  • I just have a strange feeling that Bayh will be the pick. Does anyone know how Indiana picks Senate vacancies? Does the republican governor appoint the replacement, and if so, can he choose the party?

    Personally, I like Biden. He is a strong foreign policy voice, and a great attack dog.

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    Thanks for the rec guys!

  • You are spot on. Thanks for the rec.

  • Nerds unite! As soon as I saw it was going to be released, I camped out by my computer.

  • I'm not sure how LA Times/Bloomberg national polls are rated. But the fact that it is similar to the Newsweek poll is encouraging. It's doubtful two such major polls within days of each other are both outliers.

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    Wow. Just beat you by a minute.

    Glad to see the numbers moving in the right direction.

  • I'm a huge Wes Clark fan. I still have my Clark '04 t-shirt. I feel he would complement Obama very well. He has extensive executive and military experience. He has an advantage over a governor, in that he has a strong foreign policy background. He has an advantage over a fellow senator, in that a two Senator ticket has some drawbacks. I don't see his support of Clinton as a problem at all. And finally, he is a Southern Catholic. That can't hurt.

  • I think there are a lot of older people who have concerns about his age. My mom is 65. We were talking politics and age the other day. She is a republican and thinks McCain is too old to be an effective president. She says she knows she is not as sharp as she once was, nor does she have the same degree of stamina. She is voting for Obama, in large part, for that reason.

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    McCain spent the entire month of May doing high dollar fund raising. Obama was still fighting hard to clinch the nomination. In 2004, Kerry raised $44 million in the month after he wrapped up the delegates to win the nomination. I suspect Obama's fundraising in June will surpass that, and he will have the time to hold some high dollar events as well.

    I'm thrilled he backed out of public financing. It would have been ludicrous to disarm against a well funded RNC. It killed Kerry in 2004, and it would have done the same to Obama. This will allow him to truly expand the playing field. If McCain is forced to spend money to defend Republican states from 2004, it limits the money he can spend to try and capture Dem states.

  • I heard Doris Kearns Goodwin quote Lincoln yesterday in response to someone telling him he was two-faced. "If I was two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"  :-)

  • I agree completely. We've let Republicans frame us as the "blame America first" crowd. I don't think we should ever cede patriotism to the Repubs, on the assumption that no one would actually believe the dem candidate was unpatriotic. It's obvious that the Obama campaign learned some serious lessons from what was done to Max Cleland and John Kerry.

  • You have made a seamless transition from Clinton supporter to Obama supporter, and it's appreciated. This blog had become so Clinton-centric that most posts on Obama were extremely negative. Jerome's were the most disparaging, and he still can't bring himself on board. I appreciate your willingess to realize that there is no real choice for democrats between Obama and McCain, and to go full throttle to support our nominee. It's a nice change.


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