Obama's biggest problem: Trust

Barack Obama won the 2008 election by convincing voters with his campaign based on hope and trust. His success was beyond his supporters' wildest dreams.

However his core support -- progressives -- were alarmed even before he took office, when he announced centrists Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel as his choices for Secretary of State and Chief of Staff. Subsequent to those choices, he raised hackles on liberals by pointedly ignoring even considering Howard Dean, who had played an important in his victory, and Russ Feingold, who has a history of standing up for liberal causes when centrist (and even moderate) Democrats hid in closets or under desks.

Worst of all, he has continued to pursue his strategy(?) of seeking bipartisan support for his programs, despite rapidly, growing evidence of entrenched Republican intransigence.

In June, David Broder (Washington Post columnist)wrote that,"The
President had told visitors that he would rather have 70 votes in the Senate for a bill that gives him 85% OF what he wants rather than a 100% satisfactory bill that passes 52 to 48."

On August 30, The New York Times editorial, "Majority Rule on Health Care Reform," strongly suggested the 100% 52 to 48 strategy. Meanwhile,  Obama's approval rate has dropped to a new 2009 low. And he has nothing positive to show for July and August except bad news.

Bottom right hand line: Obama must find an open, straight-forward way to regain voters' trust and confidence ASAP. Without voters' trust, he can accomplish nothing.

Mr. President, please wake up to reality. Let ua pray.

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I disagree. I think his biggest problem right now is the growing sense that he's a weak leader.

by bruh3 2009-08-31 12:15PM | 0 recs

Another hand wringer.

Honestly, one of Obama's problems is that many of his supporters are consumate ninnys that scurry like rats whenever the Republicans vomit up their bullshit and lies.

He's doing fine.  Be realistic.

by Dracomicron 2009-08-31 01:51PM | 0 recs
Re: Obama's biggest problem . . .

1)  The economy 2) two wars 3) getting effective  HCR  and the list goes on. Way down on he list, at least right now is whether the voters trust him or not. This only becomes an issue oh say around 2011 when the next election is on the horizon.

by jsfox 2009-08-31 02:05PM | 0 recs
Re: Obama's biggest problem: Trust

Yeah..right - cuz Bush and Cheney were so trustworthy!!

by nikkid 2009-08-31 06:59PM | 0 recs
Re: Obama's biggest problem: Trust

Another back-handed attempt to push the blame for failures on Clinton and centrists.


by TxDem08 2009-08-31 08:35PM | 0 recs
Re: Obama's biggest problem: Trust

by bruh3 2009-09-01 11:19AM | 0 recs


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