Are you going to let the Party die?

According to the Politico a high ranking Clinton campaign official has floated a new strategy that, if successful, would give HRC the nomination.

We've already heard that she'll go after the super delegates. Whatever. They can flip-flop all over the place. Though if they go against the clear will of the people you'll be lucky if the Democratic party exists for much longer. Or perhaps unlucky since it'll lose every election.

But this is different and this is something that is guaranteed to destroy the party.

What is it you ask?

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SA 4882, Dead Kids & Hillary

"The little canisters dropped onto the city, white ribbons trailing behind. They clattered into streets, landed in lemon trees, rattled around on roofs, settled onto lawns."

When Jassim al-Qaisi saw the canisters the size of D batteries falling on his neighborhood just before 7 a.m. April 7, he laughed and asked himself: "Now what are the Americans throwing on our heads?"

What indeed?

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Texas delegates are second-class

A pattern of disparaging certain states has pretty regularly come from the HRC campaign.

Today the Politico reports that Joel Ferguson, a MI super-del (if they are seated), stated:

""Superdelegates are not second-class delegates," says Joel Ferguson, who will be a superdelegate if Michigan is seated. "The real second-class delegates are the delegates that are picked in red-state caucuses that are never going to vote Democratic."


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Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Nomination!

And John McRomney immediately releases an attack ad...

---------------------------------------- ---

You know Hillary Clinton wants to raise your taxes but did you know that she wants force you to buy health insurance from the government or from some of her biggest donors.

Can't afford it you say?

Hillary Clinton will decide that for you.

Don't want to?

Hillary Clinton will use the power of the federal government to garnish your wages or worse.

I'm John McRomney and I understand the importance of good health care but I also understand that we are all already living under a crushing load of debt and can't afford to pay the government or Hillary Clinton's friends anymore of our hard earned money.

I believe in tax breaks for individuals and businesses to help counter the costs of health care. I also believe your doctor not your insurance company should make the final call on your health and I support a patients bill of rights since your health not their profits are what's most important.


Or something to that effect and HRC's health plan will be DOA.

Mandatory health insurance is political suicide and will drag not just HRC down but the rest of the Dems with her. There are sufficient numbers of people who think they reside in the middle and who do not like her that they will fight tooth and nail against her if they think she's going to take even more of their money.

If she can't explain why mandates are an absolute necessity in language that everyone understand, and her response or lack thereof to "Harry & Louise II" implies that she can't, she will lose the fight if not the election.

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AEDPA, IIRIRA and the 1990's. (a betrayal of Democratic values)

This is a story about a forgotten time when a Democratic president sold out our ideals for the sake of...well...something.

In general it seems that the Democrats remember the 1990's as a golden age. For some Americans it was. Poverty was down and income was up and that's great.

Unfortunately the economy changes and along with it the fortunes of the people. Now poverty is up and incomes are down. So goes the economic cycle.

One real way to judge the legacy of an administration is to examine the legislation they promote or sign.  

Since we're being told that Senator Clinton is running in part based on her experience in her husband's administration I'd like to briefly examine a couple of bills that the Clinton administration signed into law as that's part of the record she's running on.

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Clinton: No due process for immigrants b4 deportation.

I'm an immigration attorney. I am very concerned with the well being of my clients and their families. Though I thought all of the candidates were relatively moderate on their immigration stances I just ran into a less than well publicized Clinton position on immigrants.

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