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    Let's get it done.

  • "Obama is not a shoe in. Since drumming Clinton out of the race Obama supporters have been celebrating and crowing like they just won the election. You did not."

    Don't you mean WE did not? Or are you not a democrat?

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    ...I don't at all agree with the approach Alegre took here in recent weeks. Her over-the-top posts, the way she used other sites to abuse the recommend system, her ties to some pretty appalling web sites, and her recent statements implying that she hopes the democratic nominee loses--I can't applaud any of that.

    I used to love her diaries and comments here and on dKos, when I used to go there, but she seems to have lost perspective in the last several weeks. Sometimes we lose perspective when we get really involved and passionate about something. I get that. But I still can't applaud the actions that resulted in this case. Sorry.

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    I think you make many good points. My thoughts are similar. Basically, this will be a change election. The electorate desperately wants change after seven years of Bush. It was therefore a mistake, IMO, to initially focus her candidacy on her experience in Washington and to sell her presidency as one that would harken back to Bill's years in office. This made her come off, I believe, as an old-school, politics-as-usual, establishment candidate.

    She switched up mid-way through, started to sell the idea of "change", and started to sell herself as more of a progressive. In doing so, she got better results in the last 20 or so primaries. But it was just too late, she was behind by too many delegates at that point, and being behind then forced her to go more negative and take more chances, which probably countered some of the benefits she was getting of going more progressive.

    Change is going to be key this year. Shit, look at what McCain is doing. He and his campaign recognizes it and are trying to sell him as a change candidate, despite the fact that he's look almost identical to Bush for the last year or two. But he has no choice. When both the president and congress have historically low ratings, selling yourself as the same-old same-old ain't gonna get it done.

  • From the west, to further help Obama against McCain out that way; brings the Hispanic vote; has extremely good foreign policy credentials and experience, an area perceived by many to be Obama's weakness versus McCain.

  • I love Bill, but his message discipline hasn't been very good the last couple of months.

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    I want Hillary on the ticket, and I think that's what she's gunning for here, but I don't think her speech tonight was the way to do it. She's trying to strong-arm her way into being asked, and basic psychology tells me that that's not going to boost her chances. As one of the pundits just said, her statements don't suggest she's someone who's willing to play second fiddle.

    I really thought we see a strong, strong message of unity from Hillary tonight. That's the approach that's more likely to get her on the ticket, I think. Obama needs to see that she's someone he can work with, someone who will be part of the team, you know? I'm disappointed. Disappointed on many levels.

    Disappointed that Hillary isn't going to be our nominee, which has been obvious for awhile now. But also disappointed I'm starting to see that the characteristics that make Hillary such a strong candidate in my mind (tough, tenacious, etc.) probably aren't going to do her any favors for getting the V.P. nod. But hey, let's see how the rest of the week goes...

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    ...the contrast between that speech and McCain's was striking. We are so fortunate to have such strong candidates on our side of the aisle. Any republicans who are watching have to be shitting their pants.

    Obama/Clinton 2008

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    Yeah, I don't know if strong-arming is the way to go here. I hope Obama asks Hillary, but it just seems to me that a strong unity speech would've made that more likely. I mean seriously, doesn't it make it harder for him to ask her to be VP if she tries to force her way in rather than take the approach of "joining the team"?

    I'm a HUGE Hillary supporter, but I'm disappointed in her tonight. I hope she reconsiders this approach, because it won't get her on the ticket, or at least somewhere in the administration, and that's where I want to see her.

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    This primary has made it clear that democrats are split 50-50 between Hillary and Obama. If they both run in the GE, we have every reason to think they'll continue to split the dem. vote. That means McCain wins.

    Although I prefer Hillary, either dem would be worlds better than McCain. And whichever candidate wins, I hope they select the other for VP.

    Regardless, we must support whoever is the democratic nominee. To repercussions if we don't are just too severe. I, for one, don't want our troops stuck in Iraq for who knows how long, a continuation of the Bush economic policies that have so severely damaged our country, an extremely conservative court for the next couple of decades, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, etc.

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    I'd really like to see both states' delegations seated. But this proposal for Michigan isn't helping the case at all. Putting forth a proposal like that  destroys all credibility, and just plays into the argument that the Clinton camp is acting strictly for selfish reasons, rather than on behalf of the voters.

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    It HAS to be, doesn't it? No one can seriously think those things, could they?

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    Most pathetic debate I've ever seen because of the questions. Did the moderators bother to look at polls showing which issues are most important to Americans. Little on Iraq, little on the economy, nothing on torture, etc., etc. Pathetic.

    The biggest winner was probably McCain.

  • I think you make great points here. The thing is, even as a Hillary supporter, if I'm looking at the race objectively, a similar list could easily be drawn up about statements made about Obama. The reality of the situation is that this democratic primary turned ugly and divisive, with guilty parties on both sides. Speaking for myself, I'm really disappointed that dems have not been focusing more on McCain. He has been getting a free ride while we fight each other.

    How can someone who embraces a president with a 26% approval rating, and openly vows to continue his policies... how can someone like that currently have higher positives than either dem? If we fuckin' blow this, we have no one to blame but ourselves.


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