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    The last sentence of the NYT story really is important.  Keep the Congress in session until they pass an energy bill, etc.  There isn't anyone in the country aside from a few interns and aides that wouldn't love to see the President & Dem. leaders try to whip the zillionaires in the Senate into shape. 

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    Power is hard to give up but I don't think there is any shame in retiring at 80.  It is a shame its under these circumstances.

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    Worst case is a loss in the Senate of 8 or so seats.  Unlikely, but worst plausable case.  And in any case, what is the advantage in underestimating the opposition, especially in this economy?

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    Gallup has the generic House poll at 48-44 for the GOP.  http://www.gallup.com/Home.aspx

    There is plenty of time still but the trend is clear.  Unless the economy improves on Main Street 2010 looks to me to be 1994 all over again with Dems losing the House as a distinct possibility.  Right now, I'd still bet against that but not by much.

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    Looks like a wipeout.  If anyone doubts that is big newspaper endorsement can be a big, big factor they should look at this race.  The Washington Post provided a huge boost for Deeds, there is just no way he would have ran well in Northern VA without it although he might have been able to win without it.

    Deeds is well positioned for November but he has to show that he is more than a friendly country fellow -- and he is capable of that.

    Every year since 1976/77 the party out of power in Washington has won the statehouse the next year in Richmond.  Let's see if Deeds, and Obama, can break that record.  

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    For my money...at least the few cents I have left in my 401 K Feingold is the best US Senator with the possible exception of the lion from Massachusetts.  Please join us next Tuesday!

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    One of the lessons of 2008 was that Mormons are big donors if they get the word that the church leadership wants 'em to ante up -- just ask Mitt Romney or the proponents of Proposition 9 in California.  Utah -- and other states with a large LDS presence like Nevada or Idaho -- is a small state but in fundraising terms it is a heck of a base.  Mormons may want low taxes but they sure know how to support each other and pass the collection plate.  They are fantastic record keepers too.  I admire much about thier church and they really, really want one of thier fellow Latter Day Saints in the White House some day.

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    I misspelled something important too.  Long day...

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    We had a phonebanking contest on calls to Indiana that caught on here in the DC area.  Other than that we are 100% focused on Northern Virginia.

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    The really needed reform: END DNC MEMBERS AS SUPERDELEGATES, those should only be Governors & US Senators,

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    Hey desmoinesdem!

    One reason I'm running for the DC Democratic State Committee (the election is this Tuesday, Sept. 9) is to have a voice in reforming this process.  I favor an open primary or a firehouse caucus system like that used in Michigan in years past.

    There are great aspects to the Iowa Caucus but in my mind it all comes down to participation and there is much more participation in a primary.  If I was "in charge" I'd let Iowa keep its place but ONLY Iowa would have a caucus.  The system WAS SORT OF EXTENDED TO nEVADA THIS YEAR AND IT WAS A FLOP IN THE sILVER STATE.  

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    Spiro with a smile.  A nice female smile.  

    Even his friends knew that the real Agnew was a SOB.  My guess is that Sarah is nicer.

    I like the Quayle analogy best.

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    This is so absurd that it is hardly worth your time but the real reason we won (i'm joking) was because I was on the ground in MISSOURI the ultimate swing state and we had a great team from DC for Obama there.  Seriously, MO was close but making a difference is hard.  Let's carry MO in Nov.

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    No one is celebrating.  No one.  Some things are just sad.

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    Overconfidence sucks.


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