Dick Cheney is being impeached!

Dennis Kucinich , I am told, is filing impeachment proceedings against Dick Cheney.


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Shill Bill vol. 1

The untold story of the day is that Bill Richardson has been very, very rapidly acquiring supporters since the last big moveon.org town hall.. this is very good for people like me who think Bill has some really great qualities and could be a dark horse in the race.

Another possibility: hey, we're numbers people over here! This is myDD!! is that Bill is in fact.. a shill. He's working for the DLC to knock out one of the top three.

Speaking personally, I am just not used to things running so hot so early. Oh well. Life is for the living! Here's to Bill Richardsons numbers after this month. Ariana Huffington is probably going to be proven right. He will post strong numbers in June.

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Bill Richardsons Best Idea.

I just heard the town hall a minute ago, and I think we almost missed Bill Richardson's most important point: Bill Richardson also stated, in the last town hall - that there is an easy and straightforward way to stop the war. This is profound - it is a very powerful expression of the power of congress.

Bill Richardson has proposed that the War Powers Act allows congress to pass a de-authorization of the War in Iraq.
Congress can do this.

If this goes on the table now, especially with the democrats unified on the move - it will send a clear signal to the white house that the democrats are serious regarding the counter to the veto threat. This wouldn't be playing chicken with the troops - this would be regaining the constitutional authority of congress to authorize and declare war.

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Wes Clark: No Veto 50,000 signatures!!

You may have the mature view that President Bush will veto a key federal troop funding legislation that is headed for the white house. I personlly felt divided about signing petitions from the various camps urging the President to reconsider the veto and to pass legislation that will fund and train the troops.

Wes Clark was an extremely successful general - and no stranger to the way in which politics can interfere with either military operations (such as bombing runs) or the proper training and recuperation that our troops need. General Wesley Clark led a successful campaign and the people of Kosovo threw flowers at the feet of his commander in chief when he returned there to visit just this past year.  Will the Iraq government throw flowers at the feet of American officials in the future?

Wes Clark has issued a petition that supports a senate and house position urging President Bush not to Veto the war spending bill simply because it has a definite and measurable sense of when America will transition to the Iraqis the control of their country. Despite president Bush's veto threat, this bill has already been used as diplomatic ammunition to encourage the Iraqis to take control of various provinces including anbar and the southern regions - with some positive effect.

So at any rate I thought I'd post here a nice link to the petition because frankly its the one that I feel safe, as a parent and also as someone who cares - because my view is that nobody should play chicken with the troops. If President Bush sends the funding bill back to the floor it will lose valuable time.

Here's the petition - and a copy of the message:

General Wesley Clark,
Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO,
Western Europe

Right now Americans are coming together with one voice to demand George W. Bush follow the will of the people and not veto the Democratic plan for change in Iraq.

I've spent my entire professional career standing up for our men and women in uniform. I have carefully reviewed and considered the Democrats' plan for change in Iraq. More than any bill passed by the previous Republican Rubber Stamp Congress, it ensures our troops have the training and equipment they need - and our veterans get the services they deserve.

What it doesn't do, however, is give George W. Bush a blank check to continue his strategy for failure in Iraq.

We want a New Direction in Iraq and, together, we need to show that the American people support the Democratic plan for change in Iraq. That is why I am joining the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in telling the President not to veto the Democratic plan for change in Iraq and to treat our troops with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We have a goal of sending 50,000 signatures to President Bush before April 20th to show our support. Will you join us?

On November 7, 2006, the American people voted for change. They want to see fewer troops in Iraq - not more. I can tell you it's not only civilians who want a New Direction. Generals on the ground and Pentagon officials know we cannot succeed if we stay the course. The President is increasingly becoming more isolated in his stay-the-course strategy.

The Bush Administration also continues to falsely claim that resources for American troops will begin to run out later this month - despite the fact that the Pentagon and the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service confirm resources will be available well into the summer. Congressional Democrats will never cut off funding to our troops in harm's way.

Our nation has seen the terrible consequences of President Bush's failed policy in Iraq. It has made us less secure while costing us close to a trillion dollars. This administration sent our troops into harm's way without adequate equipment to protect them, and abandoned them when they returned by failing to provide proper health care to treat the wounded.

If President Bush vetoes the Democratic plan, he will be sending yet another signal that his 'plan' is simply to continue these failed policies.

I am standing up for the troops and I hope you will too. Join me in telling President Bush you stand with Democrats and insist on a new direction in Iraq.

Here's the link..
http://www.dccc.org/action_center/petiti ons_oi/clark_no_veto

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Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Wins..

This is not about the most significant and influential citizen ad ever written , which happened to be for Obama. Nor is it Obama's sense of humour.

This is simply about Obama himself. He's fun. He keeps it real. This is the very early stage - candidates are running around setting down positions, Obama is just getting bucketloads of cash and getting ready to run.

Anyone (such as myself) who runs marathon can tell you that there is a huge element in hard races - which 2008 will certainly be - of mind. The runners that spend their energy in the early stages of the game really get flattened at the finish line.

I remember seeing a sign at my last marathon  - that someone had made up for us - it said "you are all kenyans"

I think thats great.  I just wanted to post that of all the candidates that are out there Obama is the most fun! .

After all, what more can you say of the call for David Letterman to unite the democratic party at a brokered convention.  This inspires me to write.. my .... (drum roll) TOP TEN REASONS WHY OBAMA WILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY...

10. Only candidate that consistently opposes a 200 billion dollar a year mistake. (subtle move!!)

  1. Voters will think they're voting for "Rocky Balboa"
  2. Won his squeaker of a senate race by mere 86% of the vote
  3. We need a president that can rollerblade to congress
  4. Because the GOP will try to run Alan Keyes against him again!
  5. We'll get to trade Dick Cheney for Hillary Clinton
  6. He'll appoint John McCain as ambassador to Iraq
  7. His socks will always be in the white house hamper
  8. Alberto Gonzalez gets to write off the entire US Constitution
and the number one reason ....
1. There is no "off" position for the Genius Switch!

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Edwards , Edwards, Edwards

Some of us are probably wondering why MyDD has become a gathering place for edwards fans.

Isn't it obvious? Think about it. Edwards was the one that helped out Matt Stoller when he tried to halt the news-media-entertainment company broadcast of Nevada democratic party debates.. it was a risk that Matt took, and Edwards legitized it. Then, the social issues that Chris Bowers holds dear to his heart, were championed in the form of Edwards. Finally, everyone cheers Edwards' courage as his wife battles cancer.

But more importantly, its because Edwards is surging, because he's got a pro-grassroots feel, because he's a southern candidate and because he's connected enough to win.

IMHO it isn't quite obnoxious yet here at myDD but when one candidate becomes the dominant topic of conversation it just gets old after a while..

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A Salient Question About Polls

This is , to my mind a question that never seems to be asked - but one in which I feel compelled ask -

Are there any trends to the modern polling, that shows the
patterns associated with uncertainty?

That is, is there anyone out there, that is interested in the specifically predictive power of the poll instrument itself?

For example, are there any statistics about how many front runners in a primary, go on to win the primary? How about the statistics associated with the moods and beliefs of the voters polled - who have actually formed an opinion about the candidates - are these voters in fact determinant of the election?

Also, another idea of mine - has anyone looked at the statistics of the pollsters - namely - which pollster will invariably LEAVE OUT THE MEASUREMENT OF UNCERTAINTY or also try to ask questions that are loaded. IE which polls are in fact not really there to guage public sentiment? But instead to perform the dark bidding of their dark and unseen masters..

Finally - has anyone looked at the type of person who cares about polling data right now. It just seems to me that, to be a political junkie - would be so unhealthy.

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Gore vs. Nixon..

Wow, this is an eerie observation. Gore's political career leading up to the presidency, is almost identical to the path that Richard Nixon took...

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Whats up with Walnuts

Ok, this is a short, simple and naive post. Wonkette keeps referring to John McCain as "walnuts". Alright, I am sorry I have to start a diary about this, to find the answer but I must have missed something here. What does "Walnuts" have to do with John McCain. Does anyone know the inside joke on this nickname?

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Troop Pullout Approved Fall 2008

The house was able to do it! They found the votes to require a troop pullout by the fall of 2008.  

What I wanted to add to the conversation is that this is more than a symbolic gesture. I believe that there are training provisions (can someone tell me if this is correct) and R+R for the troops / especially those who have been re-deployed despite injuries.

Is this the case? Also, I am told that the troop measures approved today are binding - this is what the election of 2006 would be about. Would this vote, in the senate, be a good acid test? Could you find out how your senator votes on it?

I am not sure of the process. I am just happy. This war was unjust and its end will bring a blessing and a curse.

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