• What a nice, quiet and regal party the democrats have become - To this, would you not you agree?
    Kevin phillips believed that any revolution here would dismast itself unseating those in power..

    But it looks like, as Bush republicans crash to earth, that the democrats will simply plant them as fertilizer. How lovely to see this race will be aided by them. I wonder when they will get around to expanding their territory back to what was once, their stronghold? The south..?

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    The devil, as they say, is in the details.  For example, as an indie I usually get the line that I don't matter but I am always courted in elections. The little detail there, that people don't like to talk about is that on both sides of the aisle there are far too many people who simply make a partisan , uninformed decision. The democrats quietly wish to maintain their flock at the same time they wish to reach out and become more adept at addressing the essentially libertarian character of cyberspace. The sign that they are succeeding again, I would offer, in quiet detail - is exactly how many have made it to their side from cyberspace. But it is a global phenomenon triggered entirely by the internet.

    The detail to focus entirely upon here, are the terms. And what needs to be done, honestly - is to get any debate that fox news would sponsor henceforth - to be on such terms that the collected media is youTube friendly. And/or PoliticsTV friendly.

    I thought , at first, when Viacom made such a spectactle out of what they were doing to youTube, that it would significantly diminish my position that no-one needs cable in the first place, and youTube is a good replacement for anything that TV has to offer. I have found that with the commercial distraction of the lesser quality Viacom material removed my viewship has gone up. And I have even more so reinforced my view that Cable TV in its entireity, as a consumer product, is as useful to me as tins of canned luncheon meat left too long ina  bomb shelter while all around me are green growing vegetariana and masala and delicious curries.

    So. To make my point and then get out of here.

    1. News media entertainment companies are going to have to release their product to the net

    2. They are going to have to be able to guarantee in writing that they will treat the content and advertising packages in a manner consistent with the illusion as if they were in fact journalists and avoid the partisan spin during and after broadcast

    3. The terms must be made public. This must be both for the understanding of all here in cyberspace, and everyone involved - that companies such as murdoc's will either acknowledge that that are a statue with clay feet, or be pushed over to crash upon the ground like ozymandias.

    There was a slightly more kinky version of the third condition ... ;) But I demur.. for the time being... ;)

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    nice general idea -
    i wonder if the filter options are best set on the left hand side?
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    My horse will taste grassroots

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    Oh this is all old hat. In particular, I seem to recall this kind of thing happened during the dean campaign.

    In the final days of Dean mania just after iowa and then the next state

    there were people screwing with the mailing list priorities.  

    i take this all in stride.. :)
    I love edwards, esp. environmental issues, but his campaign is the political equivalent of the flight of the spruce goose


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    Hey did you guys know that the RIAA types have won their appeal in I think it was the supreme court - people broadcasting internet radio will have to pay on a per user basis.

    i know this is original content, but if you have any copyright stuff you want to include as part of the show just a heads up from your friend neighborhood stuck-in-a-lab-for-the-rest-of-her-life blogger girl

  • success has a thousand mothers. youtube is to be commended for this involvement, not any movement per se.

    actually, youtube and the blogs. blogging increases your IQ by one point for each letter typed.

    when I win the lottery, gonna give half my money to the city so they have to name a street or a school after me - camper van beethoven

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    Clippy tries one last time to save the world (thanks wonkette!)


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    this thing looks flat. Gonzalez has been directed to lie about it.Karl rove has all the ethics of an amazon bull shark.

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    I agree. its fox.
    so whats going on with Gonzalez?
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    I saw them once, actually John speaking. If you've never seen Kerry speak, you'll be blown away by how strong this person comes across.

    Not many people know that John Kerry was responsible for ending Acid Rain in New England


  • Oh, but  man's reach should exceed his grasp, or  what's a heaven for?   - Robert Browning

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    isn't it a nice feeling to have people who are actually qualified to run for president, hmm?

    have to say I'm in nobody's camp right now.
    but I am definitely on the democrat's side of the woods this time around. how broken are the gop - they just can't seem to get anything going.

    jerome is right. bush republicanism will be a scarlet letter that members of the GOP will have to wear for decades.

    Prediction: A democrat WILL win the white house next fall.

  • get one from the free world, or unlock your phone - there is a website you can go to, to unlock your phone.

    this is a great first step to making the cell carriers accountable, by showing them that we are freeing ourselves



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