Will the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy be Obama's Katrina

Like many of you I was watching some great news reporting during storm Sandy hitting the East Coast and the storms aftermath. The damage is colossal--its scale is perhaps 10 times that of Katrina. Fortunately, the loss of life is just a fraction of that which killed and injured the thousands of souls in New Orleans. What struck me however, is the response to the suffering that is now coming to the fore by the Obama White House. Sure, we have the President and a team of top government and FEMA officials looking quite serious before the cameras. Obama is making all the PC statements about calling him if you get bound up by redtape.

Horsefeathers! The Obama White House response to this huge multistate crisis is almost just like that of the Bush White House. It took Bush's team almost 2 weeks to finally realize (DUH!) that there is only one group of people who have the power to get things in the disaster zones back in order. THE UNITED STATES ARMY. Just like Bush, Obama, continually wrings his hands over situations in Somalia, Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, Afghanistan, etc. while millions of Americans within 2 hundreds miles of him go without food, water, and electricity.

Just yesterday while he flew around in Air Force One (just like Bush) looking down from 10,000 feet, while people in the destroyed cities and towns were getting desperate without basic food. WHERE IS GENERAL HONOREE?  It  took that General directing the American Army to rescue New Orleans--this crisis might easily require every one in our Armed Forces with their big trucks, their heliocopters, and their amphib craft to get these people basic food and resources.  The US ARMY (I am a Army Vet) is the only group in the United States that is big enough and has the resources to handle this. I don't think that will get through the White House bubble though--so far it doesn't seem so.

I told my wife--just wait 3 more days. If Obama doesn't get General Honoree on the job with our military to help out these people, the roar will begin just like it did for Bush. Bush's popularity dropped 20 points for his handling of Katrina. Can you just image what will happen to Obama's popularity.  If Obama doesn't get going and soon, he might as well call a U-Haul because the Romney people will point to him and say--"Where was Obama when millions of people in New York and New Jersey needed his help" That will be legitimate critic too. THERE IS NO CIVILIAN BASED AGENCY i.e. FEMA that can get "local first responders" to do this work. They don't have the manpower, equipment, or funding to do it.



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