Why Doesn't Obama Order the Military to Help New Jersey


Obama like George Bush gets all worked up when some goatherder stumps their toe in Afghanistan. So he rushes in with thousands of US Army troops to keep the government in business.

So now Mr. Obama has a huge crisis not 2 hundred miles from the White House. So just like Mr. Bush, he takes a tour in Air Force One. The people on the ground are getting more miserable by the hour. What does he do? Nothing basically except give them platitudes and a phone number to call. Horsefeathers!! these people need food, water, and electricty--some need a place to live. Why not open up Fort Dix, why not use a huge nuclear powered aircraft carrier to help with sick homeless people on its decks (does he need all those carriers in case of some attack?).

His bubble is just like Bush's. He really believes in my view that the local "first responders" can handle this --- HEY THIS ISN'T A BARN FIRE---MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE HURTING. Why don't you get the Army and Navy in there to help the local police and fire department. Our military has proved that it cannot beat a bunch of goatherders in Afghanistan so maybe they can help out here.


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