Why does Romney hide his 10 year tax return: Is it because he actually is an equity partner and getting $50 million per year from Bain Capital since he left in 1999. Why is this important. Romney is on record as a Globalist Neo-Con cut from the same cloth as the G.W. Bush national security team. Romney has stated repeatedly that he wants to expand more the USA's military's "nation building" wars in backwater / third World countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, Nigeria, Somalia, the Sudan,etc. If elected he will take us back to the era of fighting wars on virtually ever continent and backwater nation where tribal disputes have be rife for centuries. Romney's foreign policy views have gotten endosements from the Bush Family and Karl Rove. The exception to Romney's saber-rattling has come from the key military figure from the Bush era--Colin Powell. Recently Powell told a TV audience that Romney's view on Russia and China were wrong and they were extreme. Romney was quoted as saying both countries were enemies of the United States. Mr. Powell disagreed and pointed out that since the end of the Cold War, we have had normal relationships with both Russia and China. He said the Romney's views toward these countries was a step backward and it was Romney who was out of touch with current US foreign policies in many areas. It is clear why Romney will ramp up budget expenditures for defense contracts and for military expenses. The reason: one can assume that Bain Capital has huge investments in not only oil / mineral extraction companies operating in these resourses rich but backwater-corrupt countries. By taking over these countries, Bain clients such as happened after Iraq would stand to get control of huge reserviors of oil, gas, coal, etc. One can also assume that Bain Capital most likely has very large investments in companies which are in the Military-Industrial Complex. Its not much of a stretch to see us bogged down chasing "evil doers" for years to come in far off oil and resource rich but poor countries. The irony is that Romney nor any one in his family ever has served in the US military (he has 5 sons who do would never volunteer for service unlike the Queen Elizabeths 2 grandsons Prince William and Harry who serve bravely in combat and air-resue operations). Unlike Colin Powell who was wounded in combat in Vietnam, none of the Romney clan has to my knowledge experienced the terror of being shot at by enemy troops. Romney admitted that during Vietnam he didn't serve in the military but instead went to Paris on a sabbatical. The general public and the majority of the US voting public is tired of these brushfire wars and has become hugely opposed to more of this backwater wars. In the media the neo-con driven Fox network cheers on anyone who wants to send thousands of US troops to every dustup firefight anywhere on earth. Consider that in Afghanistan there are only 20,000 Taliban but we have over 100,000 troops fighting there and NATO supplies another 40,000 troops plus 300,000 Afghan security forces. Do you wonder why it takes so many of our troops to fight such a small number of bad-guys? It might have to do with the fact that the Afghan government is so corrupt and they need our support and our dollars to stay in business. Most of us get concerned when we remember back during the war in Iraq and the discovery of the huge no-bid contracts that the Pentagon had with Bush and GOP supporters i.e. KBR, Crane Trucking. I think that we will find that soon after Romney gets elected and he finds the next target of his neo-cons (probably Venezuela but OH WAIT Chavez was democratly elected - however that is NO MATTER to the neo-cons) that Bain Capital military supplier clients would be in line to get BILLIONS of dollars in "no-bid" and sweetheart deals from the Defense Department via the White House i.e. as was the case when VP Dick Cheney the former CEO to the biggest no-bid contractor KBR Corporation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus, we can theorize as to why Romney does not want his tax returns over the last ten years to become public. If as suspected he has not given up his equity in Bain, then as President of the United States it would be illegal for him to pass huge no-bid contracts over to Bain and its clients. No matter that while Vice-President, Mr. Cheney's former employer KBR got billions of contracts for all kinds of operations in Iraq. These contracts were supposed to save taxpayers money but in the end they proved inefficient (regular military operations could do them faster and cheaper than private companies) and of limited benefit to national security. Like ·



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Two Years of Tax Returns is Plenty

If Mitt released four years of returns, the Obama goons would ask for 8 years. If Mitt released 10 yrs., team Obama would ask for 20. Romney is right to issue two years of returns, and leave it at that....otherwise, he's in a no-win game where the other side keeps moving the goalposts.

Romney obviously has deep pockets; should he lose, I hope he sues Harry--Joe McCarthy--Reid for slander, and keeps the lawsuits going for years. Enough to bankrupt Dirty Harry and leave him penniless.


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