What the HELL was the Obama White House Thinking?

June 19 2012

The headline today in the Houston Chronicle touted the news that the Obama administration had awarded a ONE BILLION Dollar contract for research to TEXAS A&M. The cortsortium that got this huge contract is headed by a cabal of rich Texans who are hard right Republicans and supporters of GOP Texas Governor and Tea Party darling Rick Perry. As you know Rick Perry and the Texas Republicans hate the Obama administration with a vengence rarely seen even in Texas politics. Yet here we are in mid-2012 with Obama and Kathleen Sebelius crowing about the benefits this contract will bring in research. Aren't there swing states where this money could be placed. You can bet that profits from this huge grant will find its way over the years into the hands of anti-progressive, anti-union, anti-enviromental control PAC's of the far right wing. I am amazed at this president. Why would he allow his subordinates to even allow Texas based business operations to get into bidding on large contracts. He should know full well that the monies/profits from this huge contract will go to further destruction of the campaigns for Democrats both in Texas and in other districts of the US Congress. Democrats from California, New York, etc. should be screaming about how this project was awarded and the protocols used to fund over $1 billion of our tax dollars into the hands of Rick Perry and his GOP business people who continually rant about "big government" spending. Governor Perry felt so strongly about it that he based his entire presidential primaries by appealing to the Tea Parties and was heavily supported by big contributions from RICH GOP backers in Texas.

It is so frustrating to see how inept the president's campaign has become that he may really turn out to be the Black Jimmy Carter.



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