Is Obama like Jerry Ford, Jimmie Carter, and George HW Bush--OUT OF TOUCH AND HEADED OUT THE DOOR

Here is the story on Obama getting defeated in 2012. It sounds bad to us Progressives but then maybe him getting hammered in the election has a silver lining. My view is that we will start by knowing that the GOP is trying to push us all into poverty and stop thinking Obama is ever going to help us. His record so far is pretty dismal as to providing any assistance to the Democrats in Congress districts, local judgeships, State Governorships, etc.
1. He totally squandered the Congress majority that we Democrats had in 2008 when he was elected.
As I said many times he does little or no Dem Party building for locals or Congress. For example in 2008 he had a huge organization in place which it was hoped he would put into action in thousands of precinct level elections. It didn't happen and  by 2010 in just 2 years HIS VAULTED ORGANIZATION OF 2008 COULDN'T ELECT A LOCAL DOGCATCHER. Obama's neglect of local politics lost the Kennedy senate seat in Massachuetts, then in 2010 lost the big majority in Senate and he lost control of the House, and finally (and worst of all) he lost large numbers of governorships. Does anyone ever remember him leaving the White House to help out a local Democrat in a tough election--I cannot. The governorship losses are particularly galling to me. It WAS/IS most important that Democrats and Progressives control the governor jobs in the states especially during elections. One only has to go back to 2000 to see why. Governors (Democratic) insure that elections are open, prevent voter intimidation, etc. When the GOP controls the Governorships it seems that we have a whole bunch of tainted elections, and voter registration irregularities because the governors in each state control the essential fairness of the elections. Its not in the interest of the GOP for large numbers of poor and minority (and Seniors too) to come to vote. You can bet that what Obama did in 2010 was to insure that we now have many more GOP governors who don't give a snit for voter fairness nor large turnouts as we did when the Dems ruled the statehouses in 2008. What an irony. Obama got the benefit of big turnout, fair election processes in the state and yet he turned around and now his own ineptitude will insure his own defeat in many swing states.
MY VIEW IS THAT WHEN HE AND THE GOP ARE DONE WITH THE COUNTRY JUST AS THEY DID UNDER BUSH, THEN THE DEMOCRATS WILL REORGANIZE AND WILL BE MUCH STRONGER. So we might as well go back to work and stop hoping that Obama will give us any grassroots help. He will be out of our way and we can push to take back America at the local, state and Congress level like we did in 2006.
2. He continually as I have often pointed out acts like a closet Republican.  Just yesterday, he gave a $1 Billion dollar research grant to a Texas A & M business cabal connected to Tea Party darling Governor Rick Perry. All the profits from this will definitely go to rich Texas business interests who HATE DEMOCRATS AND ARE REPUBLICAN TO THE CORE. You can bet that huge amounts of this money will find its way over the next serveral years into SUPER PACS set up to beat Democrats in Congress and in state races.
3. He rarely gets any traction at the local level. I work in the voting polling precincts and I can tell you, the Democrats are not going to turn out for him. And I am not sure that he has any idea that he is toast with local black and Democrat voters. They don't dislike him, they just don't see that he cares anything about them. Just listen to him. He rarely talks of anything other than European Banking issues, Korean Trade Deals, China, etc. He's always focused on the problems of a. Europe b. large banks c. esoteric Non-voting people i.e. hispanic immigrants (they can't vote for him because they aren't citizens so why should he waste his fu*king time on them).
4. What has he done for Organized Labor Unions? NOTHING---he signed the Korean deal which will put 200,000 US workers out of a job. He opened up the US Highway system to thousands of Mexican truckers at the expense of the Teamsters. AND WORST OF ALL HE HAS IGNORED THEIR NEED FOR WHITE HOUSE SUPPORT as in the situation in Wisconsin. HE NEVER once even brought it up. You would have thought that he would have gone to Wisconsin many times to support Labors Issues there. But no, he was staging summits in Cabo or Europe or winging over for photo ops with Putin and others bigwig international A-Listers.

Now we hear that Obama's campaigners plan to spend LESS than Romney over the next six months of the election.  He has neglected those hopeful people who sent him millions of small contributions in 2007 & 2008 so now they seem to be closing their checkbooks and moving on to find a real General who will lead us in the next few years as we battle the forces of the 1%, the Super PAC's, and corporate global enterprises.


It's almost like he is having some kind of meltdown over the situation of our economy so he takes on the role of sympathizer for Europe and Asian economies. Over the last six months Obama has made dozens of speeches whose central theme is the European problems and then suddenly he makes the biggest blunder of his career when Obama pulled the Gerald Ford Polish mistake (Ford famously uttered: "There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.")

and told the reporters that "the private sector is FINE". Are you sh*tting me. Twenty million people out of work and "its fine". The only thing doing fine are Wall Street Banks and CEO's but then maybe he is so far out of touch that he is beginning to believe his own fantacies.  My view is that Obama is now out of touch and headed down the same pathway to one term as Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George HW Bush.



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Obama bails out again (on immigration)

Never one to 'cross the goal line' Obama didn't even get to the 50 yard line with his immigration proposal to allow the kids from illegals to stay without deportation. Why didn't he just say he isn't going to deport anyone in the US illegally who has a job, is in school, hasn't broken any felony laws? Just like every other issue i.e. singlepayer healthcare he gets to the 'Redzone' and can't get the ball in the end zone.

by hddun2008 2012-06-25 10:44AM | 0 recs


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