• "Until the Palestinians acknowledge the right of jews to exist"

    You could say the same about the settler movement and the Israeli right who advocate a program of ethnic cleansing in order to establish a greater Israel and claim Palestinians have no right to a nation state and don't have the right to exist as a distinct people and national/ethnic entity.

    The problem is the rejectionists and violent extremists on both sides are driving the agenda. They make sure there is no room for rational voices and compromise.

    You can't give the extremists from one side a pass and a seat at the table without doing the same for the other. Israeli's and Palestinians elect who they chose. They may not be the leaders we would pick for them and they may not support our agenda but you negotiate with the leaders the voters on both sides chose not the ones you would like to impose on either Israel or Palestine.

    It would be nice if Israeli's and Palestinians elected parties committed to peace and compromise. But that has not happened  so you work with what you get or you make no progress.

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    No CEO would get away with blaming the management team he or she picked for their failure. Saying that the candidate was better then their campaign staff is really absurd. The candidate gets the campaign they hire and manage.

    Obama out managed, out thought and out organized both his opponents.

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    The only thing embarrassing is this moronic post about a non-existent scandal. Another manufactured 'problem' like the Hispanics won't vote for Obama nonsense that exists only in the minds of those desperatetly unhappy with Obama's smashing victory.

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    Obama only won because of the economic meltdown? How did he manage to beat the Clintons who were much tougher competition then McCain and were not carrying the mark of Bush and the toxic Republican brand. Trying to find an excuse for being absolutely wrong?

    What Obama is doing is totally consistent with his rhetoric during the campaign. He is not now and never was a firebreathing progressive ideologue. He is very much a pragmatist and a skilled politician who is intent on actually getting something done. That will in turns piss off both the left and the right but I expect we will see more progressive policy enacted then could ever have been accomplished by more 'progressive' politicians including Hillary.

  • There is nothing weird about it.

    President Obama sets policy. As a Senator Clinton would be free to disagree with the President's policy, a SOS Clinton would not. Senator's Clinton's judgement on foreign policy may have been doubtful but her smarts, discipline and talent are not. She will provide a strong and sometimes differing viewpoint internally but will be more then able to execute the President's final decisions and the final decisions will be Obama's not Clintons.

    He neutralizes a potential rival while gaining a very strong and able team member to execute policy. Nothing weird about that. Actually it looks very smart and shows he has the self confidence to bring the best onto his team rather then a bunch of yes-man flunkies and the political savvy to manage supporters, rivals and potential rivals effectively.

  • I'm sure Hillary would do a great job in any cabinet position if asked. And if in the end she is not asked I'm sure President Obama will be successful without a Clinton in the cabinet but with Hillary doing good work in the senate.

    To bad any mention of her name next to Obama's brings on a rehash of the primary campaign ad nauseum.

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    She's shallow, nasty, vindictive, a pathological liar, proud of her ignorance, and passes herself off as just a regular gal when in fact she has nothing in common with the typical working stiff. A perfect Republican politician.

    History is full of stupid populist thugs who connected with majorities to reek havoc on their countries so I would never dismiss her appeal and political skills. In all likelihood if Obama leads a successful administration as I expect him to despite the unprecedented challenges we face Palin will remain a cartoon side show. But populist demagogues are always potentially dangerous.

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    The exit poll is meaningless because the poll happened after the Obama-McCain campaign. Democrats have not been this popular in years our president elect has a 70% post election approval rating.

    A Biden, Edwards, Clinton, or whoever campaign would have been different. How? who knows. Any conjecture about margins or performance of imaginary scenarios is idle speculation. It's like arguing about the outcome of a Joe Luis-Mohammed Ali matchup.

    Obama did what he needed to do to win the primary and the election. After the primary Clinton and all the other candidates all played a part in the Obama victory. That's a fact, all the rest about would'a, could'a, should'a is BS.

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    Just keep him off any security or foreign policy committee. Give him something to chair on domestic policy where he is aligned with the President and can't do any damage.

  • on a comment on Silence Favors Joe over 5 years ago

    Joe probably spread the Clinton rumors. Trying to get the old Joementum going.

  • He already won Michigan.

    You can't remain a first world country without an auto industry. The jobs lost not just at the big three but at their suppliers could reach into the millions. The collapse of the bonds and credit default swaps attached to the industry would reach into the trillions.

    It would send the teetering economy over a cliff. Obama understands how dangerous the situation is right now. We are one wrong step away from 1929.

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    Our enemies worse nightmare is a USA that people admire and want to emulate rather then one that they fear and hate.

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    We should welcome Joe to caucus with the Dems but he can't chair anything to do with security or foreign policy. He'll just use the post to sabotage Obama. If he can't live with that it will be his decision to leave the caucus.

  • There is space for conservatives. But not for those that regurgitate wingnut talking points.

    Despite what Hannity et al would like you to believe  historically the equity markets perform better under Democrats, income growth and debt reduction and economic growth are all better under Democrats. With the market putting the final nail in the coffin of Reagen economics, the electorate has rejected the trickle-down, unregulated, greed is good, philosophy of the Republican party. This was most certainly a mandate.

    Every government in the world is going to hike spending big time to prevent a deflationary collapse worse then 1929. Thanks to the "conservatives" wrecking the world financial system and creating $60 Trillion in garbage debt, we have no choice. So spare me the 'tax and spend' Democrat BS. No Democrat would ever have been so fiscally irresponsible and wantonly destructive of the nation and the economy.

    Now that it's own neck is on the block Wall Street is screaming for government intervention and regulation. You know the stuff they called socialism last year. The country is right of center when bankers, Wall Street execs and CNBC are screaming for MORE government handouts and government intervention? If you believe that I have got a bridge in Alaska to sell you.

    So conservative ideas are welcome in the mix. Discredited wingnut BS? We have had enough of that.

  • Why don't you move to Alaska and demand Palin fire half the men in the Alaska state government and hire women. While you are at it go hang out at Free Republic and demand the Republicans that you support make half their house leadership female. Go clean up your own house before you come here to whine.


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