• Pure bull. If voters knew their vote would be counted the outcome would have been different. Because of the propositions on the ballot the demographics of the voters were skewed. Segments of voters were led to believe don't bother coming the primary doesn't count and then after the vote you pull the old switcheroo and say we have to count the votes! The people have spoken!

    I hope one of the candidates wins enough delegates so this becomes a non issue. Even if it's not the candidate I'm voting for. If someone gets in with these sort of sleazy tactics it will be very bad for us in November.

  • I voted in Florida and counting the primary would be a joke. In Michigan Edwards and Obama did not even appear on the ballot. If they are going to be counted then lets have the candidates here to make their case and then vote.

    Hillary goes along with the rules in the beginning to pander to Iowa and New Hampshire voters and then tries to change the rules at the end because it will work to her advantage. Pretty sleazy.

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    You've got to be kidding me.

    I started as an Edwards supporter and only switched my vote after South Carolina. Obama started out as my 4th choice or 5th choice. I still am grateful to Edwards for interjecting a populist message into the race. Saying that Obama was making fun of Edwards commitment to the poor is ridiculous, he was poking fun at the disingenuous way the other 2 candidates answered the question.

    All 3 of the candidates are politicians and not saints. Some good natured razing of his political opponents avoidance of a question he actually tried to answer is nothing to get excited about.

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    When the Republican stooge is telling you before the vote that you are voting to allow the President to go to war and the whole country knows that Bush is just itching to invade Iraq and that the resolution is a War resolution. I'd expect you should listen to what he's telling you before you give him the power to start a war.

    If Hilary believed she was voting for inspections then she is so gullible and naive that she does not belong in politics. You are underestimating your candidate. I think she is very smart and very savvy about the machinations of Washington and she knew very well what Bush would do with that vote.

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    Here is Ari Fleisher in a press conference BEFORE the vote on Iraq: Q Would you consider it an absolute green light? MR. FLEISCHER: As I said earlier, in a question earlier, the President, under the Constitution, has the authority, as Commander-in-Chief, to exercise military options if he deems it's necessary. Today the Congress, on behalf of the people, will also speak and will send a very powerful message around the world that the Congress agrees with the President and is passing a resolution to authorize the use of force. Bush made it plain what the vote was about.
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    Bush couldn't have done what he did without enablers and a good number of Democrats played as shameful a role as the press. She gave an eloquent speech and then handed Bush the authorization he needed to go to war and repeated that mistake again with the Iran vote. I'm sure she gave a nice speech before that vote to. Frankly who cares about the speech she gave. I'm sure the American soldiers and Iraqi's that died don't.

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    Great idea. They should take the collar off Bill - let him go in with both guns blazing! There is not much time and Obama's momentum may not be enough to put him over the top. But Bill unleashed would probably ensure a big day for Obama.

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    There is nothing revisionist about it. Only someone who is delusional would buy the lie that she thought she was voting for inspections. Everyone knew what the vote was about at the time. Trying to have it both ways the next day and give herself some cover doesn't undo the damage of the most critical vote in Bush's term. Kerry, Edwards and Clinton all had Presidential ambitions and did not want to look 'weak' on defense. So they abandoned principles. The Democrats cowardice on the run up to the war cost a lot of lives and has done incalculable damage to this country and the world.

    Would Obama have shown more courage had he been a Senator with Presidential ambitions and had as much at stake as Kerry, Edwards and Clinton? Based on his votes to fund the war ,maybe not. But we'll never know, but that doesn't excuse the sell out of those who did have a position of responsibility. Edwards at least had the decency to say he made a mistake that he regrets. Hilary just continues spinning a shameless ridiculous lie to defend the indefensible.

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    Positions on paper don't mean much. Any of the plans would be a huge step forward IF they were implemented. Hilary will do what is politically expedient no matter what it says on any platform or position paper. She proved that with her Iraq war vote and her lame defense of that vote. She's on the right side of that issue now not out of principle,  as she threw principle aside in favor of political calculation on Iraq. Why would health care be any different?

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    It looks like it has as much substance as the Rezko non-scandal. Of course that will not stop some partisans from breathlessly wondering when the other shoe will drop and engaging in a lot of innuendo. Hopefully Obama and his supporters and surrogates will show some good sense and stay out of it.

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    Edwards would make a Great Attorney general. It better suits his strengths and style. He'll be a pit bull for the people and he and Obama could do the good cop, bad cop routine on special interests out to scuttle Obama's policy initiatives.

    Edwards will terrify the corporate sleaze balls and bad actors. While Obama can reward and work with the companies and investors helping to innovate and build the nations future.

    After SC I decided to switch my vote from Edwards to Obama. I'm happy to see Obama incorporating a lot of Edwards narrative in his speeches and I'd be even happier to see Edwards as AG.

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    Controlling and manipulating the media narrative is key to winning. The press will eat this up. Obama as the new JFK. The message of hope versus the politics of fear and sleaze.

    Together with getting the majority of white youth, half of white males and more votes then the 2 leading Republicans in a Republican state and trouncing Hilary in a landslide after Bill Clinton threw everything he had at him?

    The Clinton's have lost control of the narrative in the media and that could be huge for Barack's momentum. After hearing Barack's victory speech I'm switching my vote from Edwards to Obama.

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    "He is sustained by a long forgotten idealism towards a yet unfulfilled destiny. "

    More like he is sustained by a narcissism that will justify anything to get himself back in the spot light no matter the cost to the country or party.

    After all this is the guy that put playing hide the salami and his own gratification above his responsibility to the country and the world just at the time we needed him most. It's always all about Bill.

  • If we are going to be ensure our economic and national security we need to fix our policies -that's more important then whether or not we intervene in a particular place. The root causes/strategic fixes are more important then tactical moves to patch up the results of bad policy.

    As the Pentagon report said: they don't hate our freedoms, they hate our policies. They understand  US policies much better then Americans do.

    As far as promoting democracy, embargo's (such as in Cuba) and armed intervention (as in Iraq) will usually have the opposite effect intended. Another year of the Iraq mess and the the macho posturing/ "now that we are there we must win" will start to sound pretty pathetic.


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