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    The chief victims of violent hate crimes in Europe are not secular white liberals, Jews or Christians of any denomination they are Muslims. Spurred on by the skinhead neo-nazi rhetoric and racist screeds propagated by right wing anti-immigrant nationalist parties and repeated here by Lakrosse it's becoming open season on Muslims in Europe.

    Reminds one of another period of European history. Where is the outrage indeed.

  • "European Muslims, who are offered everything on a silver platter"

    You quote chapter and verse from right wing European neo-nazi groups propaganda. Of course here the minutemen and militia groups would insert illegal Mexicans instead of Muslims. So you oppose right wing hate groups that direct their venom against Mexicans or Jews but the same groups in Europe are OK as long as it's Muslims they are attacking.

  • Yes a minority of Muslims are fanatical kooks. A minority of jews are fanatical kooks and same for Christians , Hindu's etc., there are even examples of secular extremist leftist kooks as in Cambodia and the Shining Path Maoists nuts in Peru.

    The chances of the establishment of the Caliphate in the Islamic world ZERO. In Europe ZERO times infinity. Of Fundamentalist Islam conquering Europe, America or the Islamic world ZERO.

    Trying to demonize a group to justify ethnic cleansing, common to all racist fanatics be they Muslim, Christian or Jewish. Well we have seen that before. You sadly have plenty of company with Birchers, European anti-immigrant facists, Osama and his gang of terrorists, the Israeli Hill Top Youth and assorted hate mongers.

  • "threatens western culture" really? That sort of hysterical rhetoric is straight out of the euro neo-facist, teabagger playbook. The Muslims, Mexicans, gay athiests etc.,are threatening western culture(translation: white christian) The same groups made the same claims about another group of non-christians in the 30's.

    There is zero chance of the return of the Caliphate to the Islamic world put that canard down with the elders of Zion and the one world comspiracy theories

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    You are setting up a straw man. Right wing conservative radical Islam gets no more of a pass then does right wing fanatical anything else.

    Human rights abuses in Iran are as loudly condemned as human rights abuses anywhere else whether it's secular Communist China or Democratic Israel.  

    Millions of people in the world have been killed in recent history by sectarian and racial violence much of it not involving or initiated by Muslims. Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu fanatic, Rabin by a Jewish fanatic. Ruanda, Uganda, East Timor, Ceylon and countless other places have seen slaughter on a grand scale and violence without a Muslim in sight. Third world countries across Africa, Asia and the ME afford little freedom and abuse woman, minorities and gays no matter the dominant religion in the country.

    And the 10's or perhaps hundreds of thousands that have died in Iraq in a war based on a lie. Plenty to get outraged about in the Islamic world and outside it.

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    "I am a liberal. That is why I support freedom and civil rights for ALL people:Arabs, Muslims, and those who fit neither category. And ladies and gentlemen, this is why I must oppose radical Islam."

    Yes absolutely, and you can add to that list radical fundamentalist Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism. Religion twisted to justify violence and the denial of others rights and the imposition of your world view by force of law and or arms is dangerous and threatens democracy and the future of humanity. It seems to be growing like a cancer in all the world's religions right now.

  • Based on the courage she showed on the Iraq war vote or her bumbling incompetent campaign?

    I hoped that with the weight of history and the gravity of the situation we are in on his shoulders that Obama might rise to the challenge and actually live up to the rhetoric. Now I know how Obama would have voted had he been a US senator during that war vote. He would have voted just like Hillary. Like Hillary he's Just another corporate shill and spineless Democrat.

    We needed an FDR we got another triangulating Democrat. The disgusted voters will punish the party for failing to change anything. What a wasted opportunity. It's a tragedy for the nation.

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    Obama has been a big disappointment but based on her bumbling campaign why should I think Hillary (or any of the sorry bunch of contenders) would have been any better? The Democratic party has been a disgrace for years Bill Clinton completed it's move into the corporate pocket. I guess that's not going to change anytime soon.

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    The biggest threat to Israel's security is not Hamas or the Paestinians. It's the settler movement and the Likud. No Palestinian terrorist ever succeeded in murdering an Israeli Prime Minister that was accomplished by an Israeli right wing fanatic.

    The continued existence of Israel is dependent on it remaining a majority Jewish state. Now that the settler movement are close to their goal of making a Palestinian state an practical impossibility and accomplishing the dream of a greater Israel it will be a case of be careful what you wish for.

    The right will get their greater Israel but it will have a majority Arab population. I'm sure South Africa's minority thought they would rule forever since they had the apparatus of the state, military and police power and owned the economy. They thought they could keep the majority from assuming full citizenship in the state they occupied creating bantustans and restrictive laws  but in the end the majority assumed power.

    You might prefer Palestinian Arabs with their own state to an Arab majority in the Israeli state. Israel has had no trouble containing threats from sovereign states on it's borders but it is about to create an internal threat military might will not be able to contain in the long term.

  • Stop likening Muslims to Islamists.

    Muslims don't believe in a world wide Caliphate neither are they supporters of extremist views except in your warped characterization of them. There are more then 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. You take the behavior of a miniscule minority that represents a fraction of one percent to describe the whole.

    Should we characterize Judaism as a terrorist religion because of the behavior of a few extremist religious loons in the settler movement who murdered an Israeli Prime Minister, murdered worshippers in a mosque, plotted the murder of Paestinian schoolchildren, murdered Palestinian farmers trying to harvest crops, etc.,

    These fanatics are not representative of even a tiny minority of either group. By the way, you should show more respect for the Hassidim.

  • "yet many intentionally isolate themselves behind veils." Would you make a comment like that about Hassidic Jews? Don't they 'isolate themselves from society' in the same way? Many Muslims have "reached top levels of society and suceeded at what they did".

    You sound like the American minute men talking about Mexican immigrants with all the same nasty inferences and racism.

    To put things in perspective in France where we all saw the televised riots in working class areas and where there has been conflict going back to the Algerian war for independence a 2009 poll showed:

    Most French people were particularly positive toward French Muslims, viewing them as generous and honest; a large minority saw them as tolerant.

    Most French Muslims viewed non-Muslims in France as respectful of women, generous, tolerant and honest (but not devout); only a minority viewed them as arrogant, violent, greedy, immoral or fanatical. Equally importantly, almost 80% of French Muslims support secularism.

    Doesn't sound that much different then any other religious, ethnic immigrant minority. Of course the same nationalist nativists who once railed against the Jewish bankers destroying Europe and targeted European Jews are now targeting Muslim immigrants. Like the extremists in the Muslim community they are a nasty minority in the French christian community. Surprising that you would align yourself with that kind of thinking.

  • Are you trying to raise extenuating circumstances? Did the Islamic community bring this on themselves? Wouldn't you be outraged if someone started to post about "Israeli crimes against Muslims" in a thread about the horrendous murder of a French Jew? Because that is what you are doing here. There should be zero tolerance for anti-semitism (Arabs and Jews are both Semetic peoples).

    "immigrants are having a tough time integrating" isn't that what anti-semites always said about the Jewish communities in Europe that they could not be assimilated into Christian European culture because they insisted on keeping religious traditions often including diet and dress alien to European societies?

  • We happen to be Cuba's 4th largest trading partner despite the embargo. The ceasefire with Hamas ended when Israel launched a military incursion into Gaza. Have we launched any military incursions into Cuba since the Bay of Pigs?

    If the plan is for the settlers to retain a large chunk of the West Bank there will never be peace. But those colonizing the West Bank don't want peace, they want a greater Israel. Does that make them "complete morons". I don't know, but it puts them at odds with American interests and with the interests of Israel's future security.

    Were Bush and Cheney "complete morons". I don't think so but their policies were a disaster for the US and Israel.

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    We don't trade with Cuba but we don't block other countries trade. Neither do we launch regular military incursions into Cuba and assassinate Cuban government officials.

    Gideon Levy, who is certainly no apologist for Hamas, get's it exactly right. Aside from issues of right and wrong and legality  Israel is pursuing a policy that is bad for Israel and it's future security.

    How could anyone think that colonizing the West bank and incorporating a massive hostile Palestinian population into Israel will preserve Israel as a Jewish state and be good for Israeli security? I know the settler movement is aiming to get the land minus the Palestinians but that is not going to happen. The Palestinians aren't going anywhere.

    Make a two state solution impossible and Israel will have a majority Arab population. How will that improve Israeli security?

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    I don't see any Hamas defenders. Because you don't support the Bush-Cheney-Likud policies that have failed miserably how does that make you a Hamas defender? If your are opposed to wrong headed policies that violate international law and are bad for Israel's security, why does that make you a terrorist defender?

    That crap is right out of Bush's play book. If you don't agree with me you are for the terrorists. I'm amazed that when it comes to Israel people continue to blindly support Bush and Cheney's foreign policy. It's bad for Israel and its bad for the US.


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