Obama up Double Digits in Another National Poll

A Times/Bloomberg Poll says that in a two-man contest, 49% of respondents favor Barack Obama, while 37% support John McCain. With Ralph Nader and Bob Barr added to the mix, Obama holds 15-point edge.

Among white voters, Obama and McCain are dead even at 39% each, the poll found.

Combine this with the good news coming from swing state polls and it could be the first signs of an accelerating shift.

The economy shows no signs of improvement as Wall Street gets hit with a new wave of selling, inflation in energy and food continues unabated and housing prices are crashing. McCain has been flailing with flip flop after flip flop trying to get traction. By the fall the electorate will be in full fury over over the rapidly deteriorating economy. Not a good environment for the Party that created this mess.

So the poling is good news but not any reason to be complacent. The Republicans have more then enough money between McCain, the RNC and the swifboaters, the fight has barely begun.

But still not a bad start.

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Re: Obama up Double Digits in Another National Pol

I think it's a good idea to consolidate your diary with the first diary on this poll.  I wrote one, too, and deleted after seeing the other one.

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