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    That, in short, is what's going on! Those banks are using the money they lend incredibly cheap from the Fed to pay off their debts to the government. Everybody could do that under the same conditions! That's not evidence of any return to economical normalcy at all.

  • Too much for burglary and theft (or so I have read), especially when the offender is 17 years old? The point is, the kid should have never be put into a prison, but into a mental institution. Looks like he already had issues at young age. And he cenrtainly didn't become a better person in jail.

  • I'm quite sure that in the latest polls it was the superbore who had the best chance, not the lame preacher or the folksy postergirl....

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    Why all the attention? Why not simply letting the jerk vanish in obscurity?

  • Could you back this up with data, pls? Imho it depends on how far you go back in time. And I'm not sure this is true at all. So many coups and failed attempts in Africa that haven't really been on our radar...

  • ..in the eventual trial!

  • According to a correction at Narco News, Ham is alive, but hiding at a secure location.

  • You argue that this wasn't the "traditional" coup, where a genral becomes the new president. But do you have any information about Michiletti not being part of the cospiracy? The extremely fast reaction by the Congress of Honduras in voting for him as the president pro tempore, without any real argument about consitutional concerns (what about the vice president?) sure looks like this has been a carefully planned and orchestrated kabuki theatre. And if someone becomes the new chief of state only by the military forcing the exile of the elected president at gun point, this sure is a coup d'etat! It doesn't matter that there not a general is assuming power, Micheletti is the army's choice. And there is nothing legal about this.

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    Come on, the military shut off the presidential district, kidnapped the president at gunpoint, and didn't bring him to court, but exiled him! And they also did take great care to shut down communication channels, even electricity, arrest other government officials and foreign ambassadors, and leading politicians of left wing groups (Cesar Ham, a left wing candidate for presidency was even killed!). How can anyone not call this a coup?

    And the arguments of the conspirers are really ridiculous. Ok, the Supreme Court ruled the not binding "fourth ballot" unconstitutional (which may have the same legal quality as the 2000 election decision by the US supremes, we don't know). But do the judges have the power to order the arrest of the president? Is this constitutional? And is it constitutional in Honduras to let the army do police business (posse comitatus, aynone)? Where is the legal ground for going after all those other people? And to infringe on the freedom of speech? Do the Supremes, and the military, think that correcting one wrong allows them to engage in criminal activity?

    Well, there sure is a legal, constitutional way to hold even the president accountable in Honduras. The equivalent to the US rule of impeachment, or the German Misstrauensvotum (vote of distrust). But this isn't what happened. Instead, all the symptoms of a coup d'etat are there. And if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you shouldn't call it a dove. Period.

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    Good to read that I'm not the only one who reacts this way. Really, Steve made such compelling cases for issues that were close to his heart, that they still have an impact on people today. Never again read another blogger who was as powerful as him in making his points last. I can only hope that future bloggers will stumble upon the name "Steve Gilliard" at some point in their carreer and have the curiosity to learn more about this pioneer of the blogosphere. There's much to be learned from studying his impressive work. Rest in peace, Steve, but prevent us from resting, and instead inspire us to carry on the torch!

    Thx for your this great story, desmoinedem, as another Gilly fan, I very much appreciate this!
    Oh, and of course, eff the effing yankees!

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    Actually, it has to be "freie", because "Marktwirtschaft" is female. And no misunderstandings because of the blog posting making this statement in German, pls! Different from the impression this may leave, we have "soziale Marktwirtschaft" in Germany, which is a free market economy in a regulated framework to ensure that social aspects have a significant  weight, too (and this is even anchored in the constitution, which explicitly says "Property entails obligations. Its use shall also serve the public good.). Sadly, the social component used to be stronger in the past - like everywhere, the working and middle class have taken a beating here in the last decade.

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    And is there a serious candidate who could jump in?

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    As a German, I would prefer the much more positive "Kindergarten" in this position. No false impressions, pls: That Germans have a special word for "malicious joy" doesn't mean we are especially fond of other people's misery!

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    Is there a hidden message for Christian Rethuglicans in it? I mean, the burning bush is a well known story in the bible, describing the moment God ordered Mose to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. But the bush where God's words came from wasn't consumed by the flames, of course. So, does "the ashes of the bushes" mean that right wing Christians fell for a false prophecy? This would make sense...

    Well, I guess it's only a coincidence, but if those bible thumbing conservatives see a subtle message in it, this can't hurt.

  • Then the Fed should give CA a credit for six months, under the obligation to raise taxes accordingly to ensure repayment. No free lunch.


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