Racism @ Home Depot - Update

Well I recieved a form response to my complaint about how the manager at my local Home Depot was making racist remarks in front of customers.  So I decided to scratch the surface a little more.  Currently @ homedepot.com you can browse through their online catalogs.  So I opened up the Yard Tools catalog and saw 6 white people in the photos with only the last photo incorporating a black person, not as an employee mind you but as a shopper.
The Mail Order Catalog has 44 white adults and children while featuring only one black adult and one black child.

They just opened up a calling center in the middle of Texas, they teamed up with Ford, the Government apparently can buy directly from Home Depot using their special section.  With all of this activity one would think that race relations would be a concern.

But as you look at the larger picture, most companies in America are following the Exxon model of White Man's Burden, soft racism, glass cielings for women etc.  Apparently Homeland Security is only meant for White men of above average wealth.

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Racism@home depot
What are the ratios of Caucasians to Afro-Americans to Native Americans to Asians and Men to Women which Home Deport should have used?
by shadow1 2005-06-03 07:59AM | 0 recs
That EVADES the issue...
the REAL issue is that ALL AMERICANS ARE PART OF OUR SOCIETY, not just white Americans.

When I was a child, one NEVER saw anybody who wasn't white on television. That gives nonwhite people a feeling of not belonging to society.

Now there are MANY pathetic and smallminded people who are SO INSECURE about their OWN worth that they feel a NEED TO DEVALUE OTHERS and of course, they pick on the WEAKEST AND MOST VULNERABLE.

Are YOU one of those people?

by ultraworld 2005-06-03 01:44PM | 0 recs
Re: Racism@home depot
well let's see, the store I am referring to is within 5 minutes of 2 major metropolitan areas with a diverse population, yet all of  the employees at the store are white.  And the manager at the store felt comfortable making the racist statement in front of a line of customers.

Ultraworld correctly points out that neglecting to incorporate a divers population in their advertisements they are excluding people.

In my local mall it is a known fact that busses that come from the black neighborhoods are rerouted so that it is harder for them to get to the mall.  With some bus drivers even having the audacity to drop black patrons on the opposite side of a 4 lane road from the mall.

You can pretend racism doesn't exist but that is being soft.  Just like pretending the environment doesn't matter.  It is a mentally soft position to hold, because you refuse to deal with it you are placing the burden on your children and grandchildren.

by goplies 2005-06-04 02:10AM | 0 recs


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