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    skit and focus it on Hillary....

    You actually won the states that matter?

    Really?  Really? I guess when you say that you won the states that matter, you do remember that the last 2 elections that Kerry and Gore won the states that matter right?  Really?  Really?

    You signed a pledge not to participate in Michigan and the rest of the front runners took their names off the ballot there, but you say you "won" that state with no competition so those votes should count for you?  Really ?  Really?

    You say hardworking americans then amend that to say White Americans... so that means the rest of us are lazy but your the stronger candidate for november....  really??

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    recent examples like McGovern?  i mean she worked on his campaign, why would he turn if it was not truly hopeless.  Plus the dog whistle by Diane F.stein

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    sort of like Huckabee did.

  •  If so we should include those votes!!

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     What are the negative ads that Obama is running?  I keep logging in to mybarackobama every day and i do not see anything negative there, so could someone tell me what negative ads he is supposedly running? please.

  • When you intentionally try to provoke people here (yes unfortunatly the majority on this site are Clinton supporters) by posting stuff like that it is borderline trollish.  That is what the rating system is for or have you not read the F.A.Q.?

  • For the McClinton remark.  There is no point being antagonistic with the Clinton supporters. We need Unity and not name calling. I am an Obama supporter and i WILL follow his lead and not deride or disenfranchise the Clinton supporters by making fun of her or calling her names.  

    Please if you have a true democrat inside you, please try and discuss things civil and not make attacks on EITHER Democrat Candidate for President.

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    Why is it that you can not just simply agree that we need to unify.  i do not care who we unify behind at this point, only that we unify to win in November. I wish all the superdelegates would come out tomorrow for one or the other. I am tired of this not so civil war within our party and want to move on to bashing McSame.

    Again i do not care who we unify behind only that we hurry up and get this god forsaken joke of a primary over.  I used to think 2000 was horrible with thousands disenfranchised, and that we Democrats would never let that happen again... and then i find out about superdelegates and our own party telling people they can't have a primary before a certain date.

    It's all nuts and i am not a squirel

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    i disagree i think that we all understand what the ideals are, but differ on our appoach. I feel that regardless of who our nominee will be, we will not win the general now after such a crazy primary season.  Oh well strike another vote for we are our own worst enemy collum that Jon Stewart keeps bringing up.

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    finally someone with a brain!  I will work for either one depending on who we elect, but me personally i like Obama.  I think that the majority of people posting anti Obama things are what the Right wingers call the far left fringe.  Nut jobs that do not speak to us old school yellow dog democrats.  They are basically spoiled democrats too used to getting their way with the party and putting up a candidate that can not win.  Well it is time this ship (our democratic party) righted itself by electing someone more towards the center, like the majority of Americans.  One more generalization before i go... they are the ones that honestly like losing so they can run around yelling that life is not fair.... you want a fair?  go to the carnival.

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    when i think of her as a male, i think of Al Gore.  Super smart, attractive, but just not capable of winning (all arguments of florida not withstanding).  Great person that Hillary, i just wish it would work on it's personality.  (see i didn't use she, for fear of being called sexist)

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    let me just say......


    What planet have you been on? You say Obama's campaign is built around negatives(bad energies)?  What do you mean when you say "A nation that cannot uphold fairness as a matter of conscience will never find itself."?  Are you infering that because your candidate is in a tightly contested race it is somehow not a fair race?  If that is what you are implying you have got to be kidding~!  I grew up with the affermative action cloud hanging over my head and people constantly behind my back and sometimes to my face accused me of having my job simply because of the color of my skin.  

    What hardships are you saying Hillary had to endure?  Remind me please because last time i checked she came from a wealthy white background, regardless of how many uncle tom's like to say that the Clinton's were the first black family in the White house.  Please i hope just once women will have to endure the shame of having to go to a seperate bathroom just because they are a different color from the other kids in their school.  Your assumed hardships are just that... assumed...  The most you can claim is that people of your gender endured not getting promoted, and making less money than men?  Wow forgive me for hiding under my bed as a cross was burned in my front yard and my father dragged out in the yard and whipped with a bull whip so badly that he almost died.

     Maybe since i am not complaining about all the racist remarks comming out of the Clinton campaign to the effect that "Oh well such and such state didn't matter because there are a lot of registered blacks there"  Give me a break please.  I sometimes think that we are progressing as a nation, and then people like you remind me that people with little to no intelligence can still breed.

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     I voted for Barack Hussain Obama and i support this message!  I voted for Mr Obama simply because i have been in politics for 25 years and i know that he has a little something called star power.  The current state of our nation is such that all elections are decided based on popularity NOT substance.

    Sad as that may be, you folks in the Clinton camp may want to wake up and realize that.  Yes, i do like Mrs Clinton, and yes she is very bright, and intelectual, but her personality is polarizing and several other minor personality traits she has tend to give the common masses pause.  She is on par with the candidates we have fielded in the last 2 presidential elections.  Gore and Kerry, are both very very smart men and very very intellectual, but they did not have the personality to win a popularity contest.

    Is it fair?  No.  Is it mysagnistic?  No.  Simply put, little things like not congratulating Barack over the weekend on his victories, and not thanking the people who voted for her in MD, D.C. and VA is exactly what i am talking about.

    Please do not take this the wrong way; you asked why i supported Barack and i am telling you.  I know it grates for women in general that the best candidate, and the first real shot you have had at the white house with a woman, is coming up short. I have no doubt that she would be a great president, but i feel that right now she is more of a liability to the Democratic Party than a solid candidate.  We all know that if she does not win in TX and OH she is going to get down right nasty in trying to get MI's and FL's delegates included in the convention, which will do more harm to the party than good.  If she does not win in those 2 states she should condede to B.H.O. and just try and heal the gap she is instigating in the party.


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