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    Google "Ambien driving" (or, for more fun, "Ambien eating") for examples.  Chances are, Kennedy took a sleeping pill and another drug, went to bed, then got out of bed without waking up, got dressed, got in his car, and crashed it.  He said he thought he was late for a vote because he was dreaming he was late for a vote.  He was never conscious after going to bed.

    This drug is dangerous and probably should be removed from the market.

  • ...record vote totals (but no wins) for Constitution and Libertarian Party canidates (a vote for these guys is the equivalent of a conservative sitting on his hands and not voting, just like a vote for a Green Party canidate is the equilvalent of a liberal doing the same).

  • It is possible to have a toll free number which only works within one state.  I believe one does this because the cost is cheaper.  Obviously, one would have such a number when all or almost all of the people who would be interested in the number would be within the state.  It is logical for a state government to have such a number, and it would make sense under normal circumstances.  But of course, this isn't normal a normal circumstance.

  • http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/Special/c d50/elections_cd50results.htm

    Busby got 43.74%.  The other Democratic canidate, Chris Young, got 1.32%.  The indie got .81%.  The Libertarian got .60%.  The 137893 Republicans running got the rest.

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    They are both perfect swing states, each going for Bush one time in the last two elections.  I say keep it as it is, at least short term.

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    ...the most money wins.

    A same day primary for 2008 would mean Hillary wins automatically.

  • ...the one who airs the most TV ads wins.

    So far, I've only seen a significant number of ads from Westly.  I therefore predict he will win the primary and the general.

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    For example, one could be an atheist and anti-abortion, if one believed a fetus was a person and killing it was murder.  The two belief systems (being non-religious and anti-abortion) are not incompatible or inconsistant.

  • ...Lieberman's position on the ticket.  Of course, my California vote was, and always will be, completely worthless in presidential campaigns.  I just love the electoral college-not.

  • ..."There are very liberal Indepedents".

  • There are also very conservative ones.  And a lot of Libertarians.  In fact, I would bet if you really broke down the "Indie" label, you would get one third conservative, ranging from very slightly to religious nutjob, one third liberal, ranging from very slightly to communist, and one third libertarian (some, but not all or even most, also Libertarian).

    Libertarians (both small and large L) are on our side more often than they care to admit.  For example, in the above combination, two of the three groups would naturally be against the Iraq war, therefore "Independents" in general would be by a similiar percentage.

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    Chafee seems destined to lose the primary, and then the Republicans will lose the seat in the general.

    Lieberman is a bit different, in that while he might lose in the primary, his challenger probably will win in the general.

    As for Russ, he has always been a bit of a firebrand, especially recently with the censure resolution.  However, I think he possesses certain political skills that he can call upon if needed.  That is, I think if he cared, he could push his numbers with Republicans higher, and he will be able to do so in the general.  But for now, he needs to aim at Democrats (to have a chance at winning the nonmination), so he isn't doing that-yet.  That is, during an actual presidential campaign, he will be able to pull in Republicans in numbers that aren't reflected in his current polling results.  Maybe I'm overestimating the man, though.  In any case, he has positive numbers amoungst indies, and that's what you need to win.

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    Nice.  Thanks a lot for that, asshat. :(

    Who's to say the Dems don't renominate Casey six years from now if Santorum wins, hmmm?

    In every general election, take a look at all the canidates who have a chance to win, that is, who at least polling in the double digits.  99%+ of the time, this will be the Republican and the Democrat, and only those two.  Then, pick the canidate you like the most.  If you hate them both, pick the canidate you hate the least.

    This is not a perfect world.  Stop defeating possible at the hands of perfection.  Didn't Nader 2000 teach you anything?

    Vote for whoever you want in the primary.

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    We're stuck with them until they retire-then the seats will become permanent Dem.  Kind of the reverse of the south, where some seats had Dems that were there forever, but once they retired, the seats became permanent Rep.

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    The reduction of refining capacity is the only part of this that is a legitamite gripe, IMHO.  However, can't an independent company open a refinery if they want to?


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