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    your sockpuppet recommended this diary???  Kool.  You are up to two.

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    to prefer a person and be an honest broker.  It is done all the time by arbitrators.  

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    cleared with the first two comments, I agreed with Josh's assessment -- as an Obama supporter.  Clinton was fierce competition -- not just in the "kitchen sink" stuff, but in debates.  For the most part, when she wasn't getting nailed with a "gotcha," she was flawless.  Also, things having nothing to do with her like Wright, Pfleger and the bitter comment gave him a chance to deal with crises from his own camp.

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    there wasn't a moment I wasn't thinking about you and your Mom.  I was terrified for the both of you because I knew how close the fires were and your dilemma in moving to safe quarters.  Everytime I saw one of your posts I said a prayer of thanks.  I hope to God we never have to do that again.

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    is someone who believes in the Constitution and rule of law.

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    and, while I one who butted keyboards with you in the past, I hope you will accept my deepest hopes for some respite for you and your mother.  When I read this I felt ashamed because I thought -- could I be so selfless?  I'm adding you and your mom to my prayer list, linfar.  Not because I actually think prayers affect anything -- but in saying them, I a reminded daily of those who are better than I am -- and those who are worse off.  You are better than I am.

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    I'm underwhelmed by your logic.  Well, as I said -- and will now clarify with your words -- it is your right to sit it out.  Enjoy your right to not vote -- you should be very proud that you will exercise it.

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    So you can probably come up with a dozen or so white male names but not one woman's?  Amazing disrespect for Democratic woman to say there is only one credible one in the entire nation.  

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    Sorry, but I have no sympathy for anyone who doesn't vote.  African Americans and woman fought long and hard for the right to vote.  If you are a white male and have had the privilege of taking voting for granted, perhaps that is your reason.  There are plenty of people absolutely ecstatic to take your place at their polling stations.

  • got rid of your sockpuppet.  Well, at least you aren't contaminating the site.

  • is that the GOPer is still here.  At least he/she/it was banned from DKos.

  • that you accomplished two Republican talking points:

    1.  Dilution of the meaning of torture; and
    2.  Spreading the meme of division (ha) within the Democratic ranks.

    Amazing you don't spend more time on highlighting the 14 Senate Republicans who won't endorse McCain.  But then, you'd not get any points.

  • Um, I believe you meant KLINGON, not CLINTON.

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    the man without a party -- he is not a member of the CT Independent Party, nor is he a member of Connecticut for Lieberman -- should be expunged from the Democratic Party via Connecticut General Statute 9-60.  He has violated, explicitly, the clear intent of the law by supporting a Republican candidate.  I want to know that he is begging for attention in November -- only to be laughed at and shunned.


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