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    I'm all for getting rid of Obama but how? Feingold maybe? I understand the WH lived in mortal fear that he would lose his senate seat and hang around IA. I also understand that he believes Obama's ineptness (and I agree) cost him his seat. Run Feingold RUn!

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    No, what I"m saying is that Feingold can sit around Iowa and run for president whether the party wants it or not.

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    something that BTD said over at talk left had a huge influence on me--it was about being loyal to issues and ever since I've decided that I'm about issues it's been a freeing experience. The fact that Obama is going to take a whupping in the midterms affects me none because he doesn't align with my issues but neither do the Tea Partiers. I refuse to be "scared" into voting for a candidate after what went on in 2008 and especially after what Obama has done in office.

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    I find it interesting that there are many people on the blogs that feel the way you do. They are saying if the GOP wants him then they can have him. I mean why should people run around and have the back of someone that doesn't have yours. 


    The irony is that he so desperately wants to work with the GOP and they absolutely hate him. It's also why I preferred Hillary back in the primaries because she knew evil when she saw it and had faced down said evil time and again.

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    Doesn't matter what the party wants. Feingold can do it all by himself.

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    Well you could always join the dump Obama campaign over at Firedoglake. 


    Maybe someone can sit him down and tell him he shouldn't run for a second term though in reality anyone following Obama with a D behind their name is going to have a hard time getting elected.

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    Yeah, it would but it wouldn't be soon. Remember the Dem landslide in '74 and then what happened 6 years later?

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    The irony of that statement is that Obama is to the right of Clinton on almost everything. It's not a center right country. If it was, McCain would have won in 2008.


    You know the saying: Why vote for a fake republican when you can have the real thing?

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    about ugly. An 80 seat loss would be horrific but maybe the party will do some soul searching. I know Obama won't. His way of thinking is that this wouldn't be a repeat of '94 because he's in office. He will give them everything that they want.

  • You are not remembering correctly unless you consider tied in the polls with McCain polling well.


    It's all a moot point now though. One year and Obama's a lame duck.

  • Nope. Not according to the exit polls. She would have done better than Obama winning with a double digit margin. Obama polled poorly until the financial meltdown. The party could have run a mule and it would have beated McCain in '08.

  • They really haven't done much hence some of the anger from Mass. A lot of the problem is that Obama isn't a leader. He is a mediator.

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    This is nothing but an excuse. If you want to make change happen you have to fight for it. Obama delegates everything off to somebody else to do the work. Obama is NOT a fighter and he is in love with the status quo. Time to face facts and quit making more and more excuses for him.

  • That happened in 2004. Roe v. Wade can be overturned as the court stands now. Besides Obama's legal advisor Cass Sunstein thinks that roe v. wade was wrongly decided. We all know that issue is above Obama's "paygrade" anyway.

  • you see what you are saying is part of the problem. Asking for votes is the same thing as begging for votes.

    I feel bad for your brother. He's having to deal with the fallout from the sleaze Obama has been spewing then if you are telling the truth.


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