Movements and Speech

Chris Bowers has a post up now about his love for mass movements - even revolutions.

I don't quite understand why Chris doesn't see blogging itself as a movement. But I have some vaguely Foucaldian ideas about the lesson of Amanda Marcotte's separation from the Edwards campaign with which I hope to pique Chris' interest.

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CT-SEN - Positive Response to Lamont's Final Ads

This diary is crossposted from Daily Kos. It is a close reading of the two TV ads posted last night in the Kos FP story, "Lamont's Closers" 191933/012(and also posted here at MyDD). The ad showing the kid reading the names of the war dead is referred to as the "first ad" and the "car crash" ad is referred to as the second ad.

These are great ads. This is a different kind of "narrative" ad Ned could have used earlier, and their texture and subtlety deserves close analysis.

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