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The numbers evidently originate with the Press Trust of India, whose report was linked on the Drudge Report and picked up by Fox News host Glenn Beck. The news agency also wrongly said that the White House had blocked off the entire Taj Mahal Palace hotel for Obama's visit and that the U.S. was stationing 34 warships—roughly 10 percent of the naval fleet--off the coast of Mumbai for security reasons. Yahoo News

The one thing about the wing-nuts is that they are consistent. If they find a game plan that works they continue to use it no matter what. Remember how they sold the Iraq War by quoting unnamed sources who would then quote other unnamed sources until they created this circular argument based on no facts. Well it appears they are back to their old tricks again only this time it is concerning the President’s trip to India. Let’s be clear this isn’t about spending or belt-tightening. This is about whether this President deserves to travel as past Presidents have done while representing American interests around the world.

Here is what is troubling to me about this canard and all of the other “concerns” about this first family’s trips no matter where they are to, there is this underlying current that they somehow do not deserve to travel as other Presidents and first families have traveled in the past. This President and this first family are being asked to travel in coach while no one has ever questioned the travel arrangements of any of our other chief executives. The question then becomes why now? I don’t recall anyone questioning how much it cost to create W’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” landing and potential political ad funded by the American taxpayers. It is as if for some reason the current President is not worthy of all of the trappings of the office of the Presidency of the US.

The crazy part is this. When he was first elected the wing-nuts attacked the first family because they were going to “ghettoize” the White House with bar-b-ques and drunken parties on the front lawn and now they are attacking him for keeping the prestige of the office when he travels. Here is the thing this isn’t about the recession or the amount spent on this trip. This is about whether this President deserves the privileges given to other Presidents? For some reason this President doesn’t measure up to past Presidents and therefore doesn’t deserve to travel as all other Presidents have traveled. America has always prided itself on providing every President what he has needed while conducting business in the name of America. Our national prestige is now being sacrificed for what particular purpose?

Despite continued denials from the wing-nuts their goal from day one has been to delegitimize this President and to subtly and not so subtly attack him personally. This isn’t about the health-care reforms, or the financial reforms, or even the stimulus. This is about President Obama’s personal character and not just his but his family as well. Would we allow the children and First Ladies of previous white Presidents to be treated with such disrespect? The troubling fact is that regardless of our personal feelings about the officeholder we as a nation have always respected the office, but today that concept that we were taught as children is now being undermined. If we as Americans regardless of our political leanings continue to allow this constant chipping away and undermining of our institutions it won’t be long before we are faced with all-out anarchy.

With confidence and trust in our institutions at an all-time low there are those who would further undermine our system for the sake of short-term political gain. The time has come for all Americans to stand up and put an end to this practice of attacking the President not because they disagree with his policies but that they disagree with his legitimacy to be the President. After the results of the last election I am not so sure that we as a nation are prepared to repudiate these unsavory tactics and to elevate our political discourse back to policy issues. The last election has shown us that fear and obstructionism are still running rampant and are still working to motivate a proportion of the electorate.

President Obama just like any other President deserves to be treated with the same respect as all previous Presidents. He does not deserve to be housed at Motel 6 and fly commercial just because he is black. This is the type of hypocrisy that continues to undermine our standing in the world and especially towards non-white and non-Christian populations. One of these days we are going to learn that there are far more non-whites in the world than whites and if we continue to treat this President as if this is the Jim Crow south we will do so at our own peril.

Not only is it a bad precedence for the world it is a bad precedence for our own democracy. If we continue to weaken our institutions then no one should be surprised if they collapse. If government and our institutions do not function then what shall they be replaced with? Corporations? God help us if that is our alternative. The funny thing is that most of those who are attempting to undermine this President’s legitimacy are the same ones who claim to support “Constitutional Government”. I guess they missed the part about the office of the President and its place in our history.

Like Bachmann, several right-leaning pundits -- including Michelle Malkin and Fox News personalities like Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity -- have run with the $200 million per day number, touting it as proof that wasteful spending is alive and well. - AOL News

The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy - Charles de Montesquieu

The Disputed Truth

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The president's trip is cheap, and it's good - we have alot of IT jobs going to India. We need to figure out how to work with India.

It's a good thing he's there. The price tag? Seriously. It's just another presidential trip.  Same price tag as any other.

You said something interesting - how seemingly well coordinated the wingnut message machine is. There is a reason for that. The wingnuts are conveying their messages by means of media manipulators - lobbyists in control of news media entertainment companies, that formulate stories and test them - and then send them out in email and massive conference calls.


There really is a difference between a country run by people, and a country run by lobbyists.


The last election was bought. 19.2 million dollars were spent PER DAY straight into the Lobbyist Party. They are trying to put up a smokescreen.



by Trey Rentz 2010-11-08 12:49PM | 0 recs
This whole issue isn't that interesting to me.

"President Obama just like any other President deserves to be treated with the same respect as all previous Presidents. He does not deserve to be housed at Motel 6 and fly commercial just because he is black. This is the type of hypocrisy that continues to undermine our standing in the world and especially towards non-white and non-Christian populations. "


I really don't get into this type of thing as I don't care if the white house of either party wastes 10 mill or so. But...


All presidents are merely men in a position bestowed on them by the people of America.  That position reflects on America, and the men who walk the white house don't have the power to change greatly the contract the American people have made with them.


For example, If you won the presidency and then told the secret service that you didn't want them living in your house and you didn't want to have the nuke codes you would find the secret service telling YOU how its gonna be.  The secret service doesn't tell the president what to do except in the very very very small part of his job that is directly under their control.  Remember Ron Reagan?  Remember the secret service guy pushing him around when he got shot?  That secret service guy didn't ask or care about his permission when he was pushing him into the car.  At that moment in that situation the secret service was in control and we as American's want it that way.


Any president of either party that tries to greatly reconfigure this presidential contract will draw attention.  Bill Clinton having BBQs instead of high society balls would have the same effect.  Its largely not a racial thing its a wanting to change the white house contract with the American people.


As for the trip to India and how expensive it is relative to other trips by other presidents I don't know the info.  I do know that the PM of england just rode on public transport to try and show he gets it regarding the need to cut government spending.  I don't begrudge Obama his fancy trips so long as they are roughly as fancy as Clintons trips or Carters trips.


Dramatically more fancy or expensive is a problem.

Dramatically less fancy when entertaining dignitaries of other countries or being entertained is also a problem.


by donkeykong 2010-11-08 12:51PM | 0 recs
RE: This whole issue isn't that interesting to me.

This is incorrect. This issue is being raised as a smokescreen to cover up the fact that the midterm elections were bought.  4 billion dollars were spent on these things, and 85% of it went to the republicans. So the Republicans are trying to talk about a presidential trip.

But the trip is not that expensive. It's the same as trips made by bush, clinton, whomever. What is interesting, is where he's going and what he's doing. India is a huge economic partner and this trip is long overdue as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead and make a tech support call to your computer hardware company. See who picks up the phone.

It's neither dramatic, nor even out of the ordinary. It's not even fancy. It's just a trip.

And the lobbyists spent sooooo much money, that if you forget that they did - then you've forgotten who bought the election. Sure, blue dogs got thrown out. But they were replaced by corporate cronies.


by Trey Rentz 2010-11-09 12:19PM | 0 recs
RE: This whole issue isn't that interesting to me.

Dollars don't vote.  If they did the GOP wouldn't lose to the tea party candidates in the primary.


When you say the elections were bought you are telling everyone that you think voters are stupid and confused about your agenda and don't realize that they really like you more than the other guy.


Obama is doing a terrible job.  He is learning on the job just like progressives told us he wouldn't have to.  He even said "its a learning process" with regards to the job.


This is EXACTLY WHAT WE DIDN'T WANT.  If the GOP is playing dirty tricks with the team that played dirty tricks on us...YAWN


You burned those bridges.  Understand that it isn't the facts of today that matter.  People know Obama and friends sold us a candidate that can't even talk for himself without a teleprompter to be our experienced and reasoned voice to the world.


I am in a state of not knowing wether Obama was going to spend a lot of money before this became public.  I tend to believe drudge when he says Obama will be using a teleprompter to address the indian house he uses one everywhere else.  It also seems plausible that its the first time ever for the indian house.  Security in India could easily be very expensive.  And if the navy was riding shotgun for some statement to china it could very well add up to very big dollars if you account the navy to the tab.


But understand something.  I have already made up my mind.  I have seen Obama's actions over 2 years.  I have seen how he got personally invested in some cop arresting his buddy (and screwed it up and had to have said cop over to the white house for beer) but didn't get personally invested in how the money of the stimulus was going to be spent effectively ( and screwed it up because it still hasn't been spent).


You only get to create your own version of reality when no one knows your candidate.  After they know who he is you can't lie about it anymore.  


Maybe this spending thing is totally 100% fiction.  But Obama misspent his political capital.  He had his "teachable moments"  he didn't get the job done.  Accept that.  Understand its reality.  And taking a teleprompter to address other nations is a sign of weakness.  And we have all seen him with enough teleprompters to know that at least that was probably the first plan even if its been changed as a result of press exposure.


If the GOP didn't have a track record with voters of being right on some of these witch hunts the voters would ignore them.  Clinton didn't get this attention in his later years because the voters knew they were with him on everything except sexual and marriage ethics.


The voters aren't with Obama.

by donkeykong 2010-11-09 02:39PM | 0 recs
RE: This whole issue isn't that interesting to me.

Yes.  It's Obama's fault that his critics are throwing bullshit accusations about his overseas pleasure jaunt (those kids at the G20 seem like a barrel of laughs, what fun!!!).

Damn you Mr. President for making your political opponents continue to skew everything against you.

I can't remember any other democratic president in recent history who ginned up as much right wing bullshit as Obama.  They always praised Clinton and LBJ and FDR.

by Strummerson 2010-11-14 01:48PM | 0 recs
RE: This whole issue isn't that interesting to me.

Its Obama's fault that he is clearly an elitist without a clue and is unwilling to listen to people who know much better than him.  The public can see that for themselves and have seen it.  Now he is open to all manner of accusations that a person like that would do.

Blame Obama if you believe the individual is responsible.  Blame the power structure that gave us Obama if you believe individuals are never responsible.

When you run the emperor around with no clothes on and the crowd realizes he has no clothes you can't argue your way out of it.  The act of having no clothes on totally eliminates any argument of him or you being competent.

The progressive noise machine is better at talking than the normal person.  But there is a point the normal person realizes you are full of hot air about the beautiful clothing.  But you are naked.  At that point you can't talk your way out of it.


If you can't grasp that reality and realize words are not the solution to the problem you face then you can't fix your problem.

by donkeykong 2010-11-14 05:10PM | 0 recs


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