Breaking Utah Student blocks BusheCo Pristine land for Oil Auction

Proof that there alternative ways to tree hugging. I always wondered why some environmental groups don't put their money where their mouth is. I know I'm assuming they have money in the first place, but I see efforts in Brazil/South America where groups buy up pieces of land to protect it.

This smart /brave student took his knowledge of the system and used it against the evil doers. A Utah college student Tim DeChristopher took matters into his own hands, when he decided he could more effective as a bidder inside, than a protester outside.  As a result of his actions he purchased 22000 acres of scenic land quite possibly delaying their use by Bushesco

land right around Arches National Park and in Labyrinth Canyon and Mineral Point

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California's redistricting Proposition 11 passed

No one's talking about this. I'm reading how the independents commissioners will be chosen  and this a is repugs best chance winning back districts to their columns.  Read here state/prop/11/ the commission will consist of 14 members. 5 Dems, 5 Repugs and 4 other. It is that 4 other that's the kicker. you get some libertarians in there as other and there you have a repug majority. So there is one reason for repugs to rejoice this cycle and that proposition 11.

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Katrina II

As I watched McBush deliver his Johnny come lately speech to reassure the financial markets and Americans that he's working on things, days after even the most isolated region in Timbuktu was well aware. Bushes walks out in the same clueless manner, in too deep, in over his head look he had on 9/11, I could not help but be reminded of Hurricane Katrina. The similarities were striking.

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Community Service out viral video in

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wasn't surprised of that repugs had disdain for community service, because we all know repugs have little love for people and communities especially poor ones, they pay lip service to the churches that are the foundations for these communities. (But when it comes down to it, the church is just a speed bump to power. I say speed bump because most of the repugs weren't religious be any means just act religious.) What I was amazed at was that the GOP felt confident enough to  go back to their old play back of people hate...and say these things out loud to a large viewing audience. Especially with the publics low opinion of them to start with. Will it work this time?? I don't know. But look at this video clip.

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For Obama, The Latest News Is Not Good

Is it time for Sen Obama to remove his gloves. To date Sen Obama has managed to respond to McCain lies and innuendo with diplomatic responses conferring all the respect and deference to McCain... But as Sen Obama has openly acknowledged even when McCain does not confer the same respect to him.

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NV GOP cancels their state convention

Just spreading the news... That's more good news for senator Obama. In this battle state. In addition to just reading that Rasmussen has Obama up in NV 42-40% McCain. 47-45% including leaners, The trend is not good for McCain in June he was at 45%, he's down 5 points. This convention thing suggest major problems for McCain in terms of organizing in the state.

On top of that, word has it the Ron Paul may be going to sue his party to contest how they may be planning to allot delegates as a result of the stalemate at prior attempts of the state convention.

Sit back and watch the fireworks.

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Sen Obama Vindicated on Iraq

Now that Iraq's PM is demanding a US pull out time table it would be interesting to see how Sen McCain and the Bushes spin this after years of saying If Iraq wanted us to leave we will leave... intriguing. Since PM Nuri al-Maliki is now calling what appears to be Bushes, the repugs and McSame's bluff.  Sit back and enjoy peeps...

McCain, Obama at odds over Iraqi withdrawal demand 7uJLrzdcOx0lcwi9lv2TA9LQ

WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Iraq's hardening demand for a pullout deadline for US troops on Tuesday sent shockwaves through the White House campaign, putting Republican hopeful John McCain on the defensive.
McCain, who says it is too early to leave Iraq, said US pull-backs must be dictated by security conditions, after Democrat Barack Obama said the Iraqi government now shared his desire for a timetable for withdrawals.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Monday that Iraq was seeking such an arrangement in talks with Washington on the future US force structure in the country.

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Who's going to be the first to call ...

Sen McCain a liar. I could not believe what I was hearing looking at that Daily kos main page diary by Susan G showing video of McCain suggesting that he was in support of the GI Bill all along.

If this goes unchallenged it would be another example of the weakness/ timidity of Dems and why we wonder repugs have been so successful in the past. Dems need to call a spade a spade and a liar a LIAR. No mincing of words. McCain is liaring no not flip-flopping although there are scores of flip-flops on record. Enough with the tip toeing. The ads and Dem surrogates need to come out in force, this guy would be the next LIAR and Flip Flopper in Chief.

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I follow no one...

This will be a short diary. No is the time to take a breather on all sides. I will supporting Sen Obama. If I had not switched to Obama from Clinton earlier in the campaign, who knows if I might be thinking about some of things that might be going through the minds of some of Sen Clinton's supporters. One thing I do know for sure; This is NOT about Clinton or Obama.

I follow no one but my maker. That's why it was so freakish to have seen how much BUSHES followers 'praise' and idolized him, that was and remains his base support. We all need to step back and look at the big picture. If you are a Dem/progressive/libertarian or anyone for that matter who is dissatisfied with the direction that this country is headed, I don't need to paint you another picture. It is obvious.

We are not repugs (I say that with the top most respect). We are about ideas, values and the truth, not personalities.

Our standard bearer is now Sen Obama.
If Obama changes I'll vote him out too. My loyalty is not blind it is earned.

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I say let them vote for McCain...

There is a new coalition Sen Obama will have to form. He may not be able to convince all, but he will definitely convince most of Sen Clinton's supporters to support his agenda. The rest really aren't in my opinion supportive of Sen Clinton's agenda because there is many similarities between her and Sen Obama's agendas.

We need not waste our energies on irrational thought. Some will come around some won't. They were not Dems to begin with, nor did they care why Sen Clinton was running for president, they only say they were Dems to bolster their lashing out (at the Obama campaign), as they are trying to be spiteful because their candidate loss.

What they are saying they will do (vote for McCain) is counter to the Dem agenda, and to Sen Clinton's agenda. The problem with that is these Clinton supporters will spite only their faces not the Dem agenda when they cut off their noses. The Dem agenda this year is strong. If we have to work harder to see it through, that is what we'll have to do.

I will be supporting Sen Obama's agenda.

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