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    about Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, RI, etc. whether they're open or closed contests? Hill wins with all Democrats. Seems like closed primaries in big states would be right up her alley.

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    are now trying to hijack this site, just like they did to dailykos and have done to other sites.

    All the sites they've overrun with their hatred and their schoolyard bullying tactics THEY'VE TRASHED - probably ruined forever.

    Markos will probably NEVER get his reputation or his credibility back - it's HIS lack of judgment and HIS choice, of course, to have let these mean children take over.  

    PLEASE do not let these nitwits RUIN THIS SITE too. Ignore them!

    Yes, these hate-filled robots are the DISCIPLES of THE GREAT UNITER! And yes, the irony is completely lost on them.

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    that NOBODY knows JACK DIDDLEY - but EVERYBODY thinks they know it all and everybody's trying to game the system - based on total ignorance.

    Republicans changing registration to vote for Obama because they think he'll be "easier to beat" in the GE

    Republicans changing registration to vote for Clinton because they think she'll be "easier to beat" in the GE

    Sounds like a WASH OF THE STUPIDS to me - and they all probably just cancel each other out.

    Nobody ever said republicans were bright - they're the ones who still think Saddam was behind 9/11 afterall (among other idiocies)...

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    Seem to have caught you mid-swoon, Trent!

  • all you like - but it just seems to me to be a ploy to get some traffic on your blog - no harm in that, I guess.

    But...I  don't think I'll be going there - thanks so much anyway.

  • I don't like Obama is that, to me, HE IS republican lite - I mean, he's spent much more time dissing Democrats than republicans. And he's just going to abandon Democratic principles and policies if he gets in the WH - in favor of cozying up to the republicans who have destroyed this nation, all in the name of "bipartisan unity," which of course will NEVER exist.

    Obama's fanatical supporters are another whole creepy story...

  • that the campaign has been paid back - regardless of what LAT says about it.

    It's been widely speculated upon whether the Clintons paid the loan back due to the campaign's giant fundraising effort and their "ability" to pay it back.

    Someone from the campaign (can't remember who) said that "in theory" the loan will eventually be paid back but probably won't be any time in the near future.

    Under "Clinton rules," however, media people and "reporters" are allowed to go with their assumptions regarding everything Clinton.

    IMO, this is one of those times. Until I hear it directly from the Hillary campaign (or from a properly sourced statement by a reporter, which this is not) I wouldn't believe the press on this.

  • and you've eliminated any and all claims to rationality, credibility and validity.

  • When Hillary Clinton was TRYING to get HEALTH CARE for the people of this nation?

    Either you were in diapers (or not born, which is my suspicion)

    Or, you were CHEERING HER ON, like DEMOCRATS were - because she was trying to get something good and decent done in the face of a hostile, corporate-controlled media and the rightwing noise machine

    Or, you were a REPUBLICAN.

    Not buying, even for a second, your "I'm for transparent government" BS - nope - you're "for" Obama - and you will twist yourself into any kind of pretzel now - including recreating the past - to try to push your anti-Hillary case.

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    Special Rules: Puerto Rico

    Journalists at several news outlets, including David Brooks[46] of the New York Times and Michael Barone [47] of US News and World Report indicate that in the tradition of the island's party politics

    Puerto Rico's 63 Delegates will all be awarded to a single candidate and not necessarily follow the majority of the popular vote.

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    Although, of course, that's largely out of her hands - except for one thing:

    The Shuster incident with MSNBC. Hillary stood up to both their misogyny and their "Clinton rules" coverage. Maybe that changes the game - maybe not. But Hillary (and, of course, her supporters and all self-respecting women in general) made a strong stand here.

    All I know is that while I'm largely boycotting MSNBC, for obvious reasons, I've been curious to see if anything's changed - so twice today I went there and "peeked" - for less than a minute each time. But in my two short excursions I heard:

    Pat Buchanan talking about how the republicans would shred Obama in the GE

    Todd whatshisname saying that the Dem nomination is a "jump ball" now - didn't hear anything like "it's all over for Hillary now" so I'm taking that as a sign they're trying to be evenhanded - who knows how long it'll last.

    Don't have any idea if these two are representative of a new, more fair, less Clinton-hating narrative on their part or not. Just thought I'd report what I heard.

    Also wondering if CNN has learned anything from MSNBC's problems - I'd think (hope) they'd clean up their act if only to stave off the same thing happening to them - but ya never know.

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    And I think it's winner take all, isn't it?

  • "...but it does tell you something about the nature of who she is."

    nope - it says much more about the nature of who YOU ARE - and it ain't good.

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    Happy to donate whenever I can to the best candidate for President of the United States.

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    "We were lying about money," a source said.

    This statement says more in one sentence about the pathetic state of "journalism" in this country than it will ever say about the Clinton campaign.

    Gimme a break! "A source said!" Fercripessake - use your brain! Or at least use your conscience!

    People who would see right through this "a source said" tripe when it comes to reporting about the Bush administration are all of a sudden touting crap journalism as long as it supports their "case" against Hillary Clinton. And then you devoted a "diary" to it?

    If this is real, then a real reporter will end up reporting it using a REAL source - at which time we'll listen. Until then, I'm going with: THIS IS A CRAP DIARY ABOUT A CRAP NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.


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