• You, if you are male, DO NOT get to tell ME, a female, what is or is not a sexist remark that a man said made about a woman. Period.

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    and you're here arguing that Obama's remarks are NOT SEXIST (and are not a pattern of sexism, by the way), then you're just PROVING your sexism.

    Why? For those here who are still too obtuse to get it, let me explain:

    Men who think they can tell WOMEN what is and what isn't sexist is SEXIST.

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    that's what the Bush administration and REPUBLICANS always say when they're caught with their hand in the cookie jar or in some other nefarious activity.

    No use denying it - if you're a Democrat you're aware of that - and you know it's true. How many times have progressive bloggers railed about the republican deflection known as, "Nothing to see here, move along, Democrats are just trying to make political points." And now that's exactly what you're doing.

    The way so-called Democrats so easily resort to rightwing framing and rightwing arguments in order to promote Obama and to "win" is truly alarming.

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    Congratulations, Hill!

  • which was that Obama's attack ads against what is essentially Edwards' healthcare plan (although the attacks are technically against Hillary) are probably not very popular in the Edwards household.

    It would be hard to imagine Edwards coming out and endorsing Obama after those ads. Of course, he may end up endorsing no one - but I think with those ads Obama can relinquish any hope of Edwards endorsing him.

    Healthcare is a very hot-button issue with John Edwards.

  • "Most of the Hillary supporters bashed JRE every chance they got..."

    Facts just ain't on your side, honey. Try another tac.

  • what are you gonna do if you're wrong - call him a loser like your compadre upthread?

  • if he doesn't do Obama's bidding then he's a loser. Typical rhetoric from the disciples of THE UNITER.

  • but Obama has gone up with ads attacking Hillary's healthcare plan, which, of course, is essentially Edwards' healthcare plan too.

    Don't imagine that's sitting well with John Edwards.

  • you don't sound much like a pastor - but since you're a republican that's to be expected - we all know there's not much God or goodness or actual Christianity going on with republicans in the ministry.

  • because the "tastelessness," as you call it, of Obama's supporters PUTS THE LIE to his claim of "uniting the country." Heck - he can't even unite the party or control his rabid, freeper-like throngs. And, to be frank, this "uniter not a divider" rhetoric is very similar to George Bush's rhetoric 2000. That scares the crap outta me.

    If the ObamaBots (and I'm not including all Obama supporters in this, but ObamaBots you know who you are) continue their Hillary-hating, bullying, trolling, despicable rightwing-type tactics they will have effectively turned off many Democrats who support someone else in the primaries - and that's what will convince people NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA IN THE GE - not the other way around. Not saying I wouldn't vote for Obama in the GE if he's the nominee - I don't know yet - certainly wouldn't vote for McCain. But I wasn't turned off to Obama at all until his bot trolls started spewing rancid hate all over the internet.

    I just hope that Obama isn't as much of a fool as his bots are.

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    that the headlines coming out of March 4 will be any different from those coming out of Super Tuesday. On that day the corporate media narrative went from "Whoever wins California will get the nomination!" (when their preferred poll, Zogby, had Obama orchestrating an upset) to "Ho hum, guess California isn't important after all" when Hillary won handily. Same will be true of March 4 - and they'll be yelling about the "fairness of the process" what with MI and FL and the superdelegate stuff.

    That said, Hillary's team is pumped - and despite the media trying to destroy her 24/7, she's still strong and still standing. Am elated to see that she has a fighting chance in WI and HI - that should help the narrative going into March 4. And I think she's gonna kick b*tt in TX, OH, and PA - maybe RI.

    Nice positive diary, steve. All your points are well taken. Thanks.

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    how Obama supporters "see" the incivility as coming from Clinton supporters. Not funny haha, but funny BIZARRE.

    That they do not see the rancid, despicable rightwing tactics of Obamabots ALL OVER THE INTERNET is a testament to the much talked about cult-type hypnosis that's happened to these people. A few months ago I would have staked my life that Democrats and progressives could never be mean, bullying and hateful THE WAY WINGERS ARE. Never say never, I guess. Obama people put freepers to shame in the nasty, hateful department.

    Diarist, you lost all claim to credibility or sincerity when you did not include both sides in your request for "civility."

    Go back to the big orange blob.

  • You obviously didn't read the childish, disgusting diary, dear.

    This is how you bots started your crapfest at dkos - that place is complete trash now. So now you little Napoleons have a bug up your *ss to destroy every other site too.

    You should be so proud...

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    They are trying to ruin this site the same way they destroyed dailykos.

    IGNORE THEM. dkos has lost all its credibility, class and respectability because of these vermin.

    If you don't want to see this site ruined BY TROLLS, ignore them!

    These disciples of so-called THE GREAT UNITER are nothing but immature junior high school bullies - raised badly by bad parents - or more likely raised by wolves - not decent human beings at all.



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