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    from Halperin - The Page:

    HALPERIN'S TAKE: Why John Edwards' Endorsement Matters (and what the best reported tea leaves say about whom he will pick)

    http://thepage.time.com/halperins-take-w hy-john-edwards-endorsement-matters/

    But the best reported tea leaves come from the Associated Press, whose reporting has been confirmed by The Page, regarding John and Elizabeth Edwards:

    "The couple has been impressed with Clinton, who has more effectively courted them since the 2004 vice presidential nominee dropped out, people who talk to the Edwardses say. Obama has been less attentive, they say, and some of those close to the Edwardses have been annoyed that Obama has continued to ridicule him for once saying his biggest weakness is that he has a powerful response to seeing pain in others."

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    for any head-to-head GE polls. Touting these stupid things is what the corporate media does. Because they're too stupid and too lazy to actually analyze anything, they play show-and-tell with POLLS for their entertainment and amusement.

  • Republicans ALWAYS say, when caught in something nefarious, "That's an old argument" or "Nothing to see here, move along" or, like you did, "yawn."

    Amazing how many Obama supporters use rightwing arguments, rightwing tactics to attack DEMOCRATS and to "respond" to valid concerns.

    Guess they learned it from Messiah Obama and their fellow cult members.

  • Your story is mine too - almost exactly.

    But I will add that I'm scared of an Obama presidency - partly because of his nasty, freeper-like cult followers, a creepy breed that I believe he has intentionally encouraged (think Obama Camp) - and mostly because I believe Obama is going to give away the store, meaning Democratic principles, to the republicans in the name of "bipartisan unity."

    Plus, there are a lot of GOOD, positive, well-researched reasons I support Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton for President!

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    just proved MY point - jeebus you people are such out-there cultists!

    Bow down to the Messiah George Obama Bush!

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    "So they get emotional." Yeah - that must be it, lol!

    Obamabots are factless, crude, nasty little attack monkeys - just exactly like rightwing trolls - exactly.

    dkos is exactly like Freeperville. And, I promise - there is NO WAY intelligent DEMOCRATIC people WILL EVER GO BACK THERE.

    They are a cult of bullying children - hurling epithets and tirades at anyone who disagrees with their MESSIAH, Obama.

    This might as well be the year 2000 - and Messiah Obama is exactly the same as Messiah Bush.

    It's creepy as heck.

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    on ObamaPhilia - here's a piece of the transcript:

    CAROL COSTELLO: Many political observers say they've never seen anything like it. Thousands wait in line to see him, and it seems with every speech, they always latch onto Obama's three favorite words.

    OBAMA: Yes, we can.

    CAROL COSTELLO: Obama supporters wildly respond, chanting enthusiastically along with their candidate. But it's a scene some increasingly find not inspirational but "creepy."

    Yep, it's CREEPY, all right - VERY CREEPY!

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    they're more like revival meetings, aren't they?

    "Come to Barack and let me anoint you, my child. Then go out into the world and destroy anybody and everybody who doesn't believe in me, Barack Obama, your savior!"

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    at the George OBAMA Bush rock concert (I mean rally, lol)?

  • that the media are a friend. If you're a true progressive, then you've known for years what the media are and always have been - and honest, fair, and without an agenda are not on the list.

    But all of a sudden, since they're temporarily over the moon for your candidate, since they're blatantly biased in favor of your candidate (until he's up against their beloved McCain, of course) you're "arguing," and we're supposed to buy the BS that you believe they're all of a sudden honest brokers? You don't believe that for one second - and if you do you're an idiot. But what you really are is a liar.

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    "A change cult that wants to end Clintonism almost as badly as it wants to end Republicanism."

    Wrong - the Obama cult IS REPUBLICANISM. The Obama cult and Freepers are the exact same. Just as nasty, just as derisive, just as dishonest, just as misogynistic, just as insane.

    Which, of course, makes Barack Obama the George Bush of the left.


    We need a rational, intelligent, experienced leader.

    Hillary Clinton for President!

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    completely backwards.

    The vicious attacks are levied on Clinton supporters by Obama supporters.

    Take this one comment from today as an example:

    "Jack Tapper and Taylor Marsh are both dumb as fuck and you should disregard everything they write or risk your own intellgience."

    And that's mild...

    Jake Tapper is an ABC reporter who doesn't kiss up to Obama - Taylor Marsh is a blogger and radio host who supports Hillary Clinton.

    And dkos, tpm, and the others have become intolerant, rightwing-like Obama havens - nobody with a single good thing to say about Clinton or the slightest criticism of Obama need apply. There is NO discussion - either you're for Obama or you are pummeled until you're out. dkos is not for anyone who doesn't goose-step to the "Yes we can!" propaganda.

    Free Republic HAS NOTHING ON DKOS - including the sexism, the accusations and the insanity.


    Namecallers whose life blood it is to say disgusting, derisive, demeaning things about others.

    You have no class and you know no shame. You are an Obamabot.

  • get to tell women how to feel or what to believe about things that have been said about women - how macho or sexist or dim-witted do you have to be to not get that?


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