• with this fact:

    "I am absolutely certain that Connecticut's going to have the good sense to send Joe Lieberman back to the United States Senate."

  • "Joe Lieberman's a man with a good heart, with a keen intellect, who cares about the working families of America." Then, with applause beginning to build, he finished the thought: "I am absolutely certain that Connecticut's going to have the good sense to send Joe Lieberman back to the United States Senate."

    And, according to The Nation: "Although Obama said such high-profile primary endorsements were rare, a similar controversy arose a few weeks later. Just as Ned Lamont's antiwar primary campaign against prowar Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman was gaining momentum, Obama traveled to the state to endorse Lieberman."

    Get that? OBAMA TRAVELLED TO CONNECTICUT TO ENDORSE LIEBERMAN. And, here's more: "But remember, according to the New York Times it is Lieberman--one of the most conservative, prowar Democrats in Washington--who is Obama's mentor in the Senate"

    And, lest we forget: "Barack Obama has certainly made a lot of noise about Hillary Clinton's AUMF vote, but that did NOT keep Obama from rushing to Connecticut to rally Democrats in support of the loathsome Sen. Joe Lieberman, who  -- to this day -- thinks the Iraq war was a wonderful thing."

    "Yes, Obama rushed to help Joe Lieberman get re-elected even though Lieberman's opponent Ned Lamont was the person in the race who was AGAINST the Iraq war -- and had won the Democratic primary because of his opposition to the Iraq war."

  • rock concerts and revival meetings and big, sweeping, "feel good" rhetoric - they're insecure and want to feel like they're a part of something big - no matter how empty it is.

    Me, I want a strong, honest LEADER, who will be a DEMOCRAT and support DEMOCRATS and implement DEMOCRATIC policies and keep DEMOCRATIC principles alive and will not kiss REPUBLICAN ASSES and compromise everything DEMOCRATS and AMERICANS care about, have worked for, and deserve.

    Hillary Clinton for President!

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    So I guess he just thanks himself!

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    ...so wake up, suck it up, and start thinking for yourself instead of bowing down.

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    Obama's a phony and a liar - he's an empty suit full of  big, sweeping rhetoric, words that aren't even his, but words that have been specifically and carefully designed by others to mesmerize less-than-intelligent people into getting behind "the movement."

    He's a snake oil salesman - a charlatan - a dangerous, evangelistic con man - much like George W. Bush.

    You have been had.

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    no matter what. It's a character issue -  - he doesn't have any. He's a phony. That's why this is an issue and that's why you're worried. And that's why you should be worried - whether he's the nominee or not.

    And, it's an issue of style over substance - because Obama is an empty suit - and he doesn't have any real principles. The idea of Obama as president scares the crap out of me, as a lifelong democrat, because Obama's no democrat. He's counting on independents and crossover republicans to get the nomination, then, if by some miracle he's elected, he's going to give away democratic principles and give up on democratic policies in favor of playing nicey nice with the republicans who have ruined this nation - he's gonna have to do payback for his election - just like Joe Lieberman is still doing.

    Whether he wins or not - it is still an issue - and the more you call it a non-issue the more you give yourself away. It taints his "knight in shiny armor image" - he's not what he pretends to be. You're concerned about it in your heart of hearts and won't admit it.

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    Anything you can do to stop the parade of people saying - and repeating - OBAMA'S A PLAGIARIZING PHONY!

    "End of discussion" - OMG - TOO FUNNY!

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    you can bet your life IT'S AN ISSUE! Seems like you guys need to come up with some fresh rhetoric that's actually your own - this "non-issue" stuff is taken directly from republicans who say "it's a non-issue" every time they're caught at something.

    You think people don't remember that - and the fact that it's a republican tactic? LOL!

  • talk about Obama's policy positions because:

        1.  He has none

    1. You wouldn't know or care about them even if he did
    2. And you couldn't articulate them even if he did.

    So, you use the "twinkie defense" thinking it's cute and "dismissive" in that childish, arrogant kinda way - precious.

    Everybody's on to you know-nothings - you know nothing about politics, policy or government. You're just mean little children who've been mesmerized into becoming nothing but troll robots. So sad for you...

  • crawl back under your big orange rock.

  • so you admit it - your entire contribution has been a yawn. You're just taking up space - like all the other Obamabots.

    You cheerleaders know nothing about his so-called "policies," or where he stands on anything. You just bow down and swoon before your messiah. Creepy is just too normal a word for you people.

  • plenty of Clinton supporters at dkos! Good grief, do you just open your mouth and the lies fly out automatically or do you actually think them up?

    And as for "Clinton's incredibly negative campaign" - projection much Obamabot? If Clinton's campaign is at all negative it's NEGATIVE about Obama - as it should be.

    Obama is A NIGHTMARE of a candidate. Will be a NIGHTMARE as president if he wins - which he won't, of course, because if Obama's the candidate McCain will win - the corporate media will make sure of it.

    I don't like Obamabots. Nobody does - except Obamabots. Because there's nothing to like - you're just exactly like freepers - vile, nasty and immature.

  • "zero content," considering your entire contribution has been "yawn." LOL!

  • you're admitting you're a republican - as many obama trolls are.


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