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    "...we need a truly transformational candidate that can bridge the partisan divides of the recent past."

    Good Grief! Obama can't even bridge the deep divides within the Democratic party - in fact, he goes out of his way (as do his supporters) to INFLAME THEM.

    You also say:

    "In my humble opinion..." NOT!

    The arrogance of your humility and innocence act is truly astounding - just like your candidate. Who would buy this?

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    Your diary is ridiculously transparent. You want myDD to be just like the dailyobama - The Clinton bashing and Clinton hating "tone" going on there 24/7 is just fine and dandy with you big orange lunatics. But somehow it's just not enough for you pod people. You want to poison every website in existence with your "Obama Messiah, Hillary is the devil" Kool-Aid. So, you pretend you're somehow "offended" or "appalled" and that the "tone" here is objectionable. Bwaaaaaaah!

    Guess what..there actually are people who DON'T LIKE the arrogant, phony, snake-oil salesman who calls himself a "uniter."

    So, myDD is NOT going to become "myObama" for the simple reason that the people here ARE NOT STUPID. And, it is not going to morph into dailyObama because your "delicate sensibilities" can't handle criticism or DISLIKE of your saint barack. Some people see right through him - and what we see is NOT PRETTY. We see right through you, too - not difficult - and definitely not pretty either.

    Like I said, what a tool! And a not very bright tool at that - what a surprise - an obamabot who's not smart!

  • Obama, if he is ever president, will give away the store to the republicans in the name of "bipartisan unity."

    He's not a real democrat - more like Joe Lieberman except on the war. His non-democratic appeal is also evidenced by his independent and republican voters.

    If he is the nominee (and please, God, don't let that happen!) I will hold my nose and vote for him ONLY because of the Supreme Court. Of course, given his republican proclivities, we have absolutely no assurances he will even do the right thing by the American people on that front.

    We need a REAL DEMOCRAT in the White House. Hillary Clinton for President!

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    You said, "People don't go to those to hear the candidate blather on about the specifics of this plan or that plan" and I am just awestruck.

    Awestruck by the truth of that statement. Obamabots DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING IMPORTANT. You only want "Yes we can!" and other evangelistic COME TO JESUS (I mean Come to Barack) revival meeting hysteria.

    I had read they were telling the "children" at Obamacamp not to learn anything about policy - to avoid the subject. I didn't see how something that INSANE could be true.

    But it is true, isn't it! You people are a cult. And Obama is your "magic man."

    Not a president. Not a leader. An evangelical con man who lures in empty people and makes them feel like they belong to something.

    "Don't think - never think - I'll do all your thinking for you!" Overarching message - yeah - he instructed you to say that, didn't he. Sooooooo creepy! I am so scared for this nation.

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    talking about issues we all care about - you're just NOT HEARING ABOUT IT from the corporate media - by design.

  • Obama supporters have done everything they can to cause this. Attacking Clinton supporters en masse -  bullying, threatening, demeaning, dismissing, calling names, on and on...all in the name of Mr. "new kind of politics" - Mr. "uniter." The irony reeks. Obama supporters are the nastiest, most divisive swarm of robots since Freepers (actually worse than Freepers).

    If Clinton supporters as a group go to McCain or don't vote, you Obama supporters have only yourselves to blame. I know, I know, you don't take responsibility for any of the crap you pull - just like republicans in that way.

    The truth is the truth, however - and you Obamabots have caused this. I will hold my nose and vote for Obama if I have to. But I will never change my mind about you horrible people who support him. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • of Obama by ANYONE and the Obamabots go absolutely batsh*t and you know it.

    I have NEVER SEEN one single criticism of Obama that was not viciously attacked in a pile-on manner as being "dishonest and false" - and, of course the ones doing the criticizing are called (by the obedient followers of "the uniter" - ain't it funny how Obamabots never seem to get the irony there) all manner of crude euphemisms for the female anatomy (but, no, they're not "sexist," LOL!) - and are many times on the receiving end of threats of bodily harm and even violent death.

    So, I guess you'll excuse me if I find your "dishonest and false" attacks statement less than credible.

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    "If Obama wins the nomination, it will be much more about smart political organizing and grassroots volunteer support, than it is about a bubble of media adulation."

    You're joking right? I mean Obama and his wife are arrogant enough, but his "supporters" really take the cake!

    Here's the deal: Media coverage has been one, long, Obama propaganda ad. If there has been any break in their "coverage" of Obama, it's only been to trash Clinton. It's ALL been either propping up Barack or tearing down Hillary 24/7.

    So, get over yourselves, Obama people! It has nothing to do with you and your so-called smart organizing. Sheesh!

  • almost like a chant, ain't it? "Yes we can!" Seriously now, doesn't that mantra sound stupid? Especially when it's droned on and on by crowds of automatons...sheesh!

    Sorry, I just don't "believe" in Obama - in his ability to get himself elected or in his ability to actually be a leader if were.

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    that 8% or more were REPUBLICANS (because, as we know, GOP operatives have been instructing their minions to "cross over" and vote for Obama in order to knock out the only real Democrat in the race), then what are you gonna say? That Obama's a REAL DEMOCRAT? That those republicans are sincerely swooning over Barack and are actually gonna vote for him in the general? Puh-leeze!

    You Obama fans have been had - by the phony Obama himself, by the media, and by the republicans. Wake up before it's too late.

  • because he praises republicans and disses democrats - because he will sacrifice democratic policies in favor of kissing up to republicans - because his "support" comes from independents and crossover republicans who WILL NOT vote for him in the general  - Clinton has overwhelmingly more actual democratic votes and support than Obama.

    I said nothing about Lieberman - look back on the thread - you brought him up and "forgot" to mention that Obama endorsed him - lying by omission, like I said.

    You have as much credibility as your candidate - none. And you have exactly the same amount of my respect.

  • That was your pitiful attempt at distraction, remember?

    You Obamabots will do anything to keep drinking the Kool-Aid of your snake-oil selling charlatan.

    But many of us have not fallen under the "spell" - we see clearly what you will not see. Obama is a phony and his "followers" are fools.

  • Already posted the link for you downthread - but here it is again. Read it and weep.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/02/nyregi on/02lieberman.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

    Don't you think you've made enough of a fool of yourself for one night?

  • that your little "Clinton endorsed Lieberman" game is intended only to be a distraction from the post I made because your messiah is not a real democrat and you had no valid points to make.

    It is my contention that you are a coward who lies by omission.

    It is my contention that all you've got is "nanny nanny nanny - I know you are but what am I?" You perfectly personify the mental and emotional state of Obamabots.

    And, Obama's speech in support of Lieberman was reported by the New York Times and others.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/02/nyregi on/02lieberman.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

  • you said Clinton did - and you didn't mention that Obama did. That's lying by omission. That's cowardly. That's phony. Just like your messiah.


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