• or you wouldn't have STUPIDLY demanded links, etc.

    Lying seems to be the M.O. of Obamabots. Who do you think you're fooling, anyway? The other Obamabots? Gotta be - 'cause it couldn't be anyone with any semblance of a brain - or anyone with a moral compass.

  • That's right, Obamabots, read it and weep. You've been accusing Hillary of  being the DLC candidate - and guess what? DLC SUPPORTS OBAMA! Barack Obama is the DLC Candidate! LOL!

    Too funny!

    http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/2/23/ 12655/5195

  • What the hell are you doing commenting on a diary you haven't even read? Typical Obamabot. No more sense or intelligence than your freeper twins.


    What a maroon!

  • harassing of Smiley's family AND DEATH THREATS, you moron!

  • You morons are defending DEATH THREATS.

    Do you even listen to yourselves? You're violent and crazy and just plain vile human beings - actually, you're even NOT human beings - you're BOTS.

  • YOU MEAN THE DEATH THREATS, don't you? You "people" are crazy as loons.

    And, if you carry out any of your threats, Obama's candidacy is over.

  • Yeah, that's a good thing to do. You morons have learned a lot from the freepers - in fact, you Obamabots ARE the new freepers - only more deranged - never thought anyone could be more horrible - but you are.

  • your defense of DEATH THREATS against ANYONE? What the HELL is wrong with you? You really have been taken over by pods, haven't you!

    Stupid - dangerously stupid. Just like rightwing nutjobs only stupider and more dangerous.

    And don't you dare call yourselves democrats. A REAL DEMOCRAT WOULD NEVER JUSTIFY DEATH THREATS.

    Cultists is too nice a word for you FREAKS!

  • Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham and the other rightwing nutjobs who encourage acts of intimidation and violence against their "enemies" HAVE NOTHING ON Obama and his crazy, violent village of OBAMABOTS.

    I have also read first-hand accounts of bullying and intimidation by Obamabots of caucus-goers in several states. Intimidation of superdelegates who don't support Obama is another example. Websites and bloggers who call Hillary Clinton every dirty name in the book including ugly euphemisms for the female anatomy - and the nutjobs who applaud such vile, uncalled-for ugliness. I'm sure others have plenty of stories - if you do, this is a good place to tell them - right here on this thread.

    Barack - "the uniter," "a new kind of politics" - Obama has spawned a new kind of politics, all right. Worse than freeper mania. Worse than Bushbots. DEATH THREATS, fercripessake. I hope you know, nutcases, that one single act of violence carried out and it's THE END OF YOUR MESSIAH'S CANDIDACY. You people are out of line and out of control. The Obamabots doing the threatening and bullying and intimidating and name-calling ARE YOU. Aren't you proud?

    So, go ahead, obamanutjobs - defend this behavior by your fellow cultists. I dare ya!

  • comment on a post To Hillary: Concede over 6 years ago

    there's no other explanation for it. Arrogance is just a mask for insecurity - and no one could ever say that Obama and his insects aren't the most arrogant cult in the world! That, on top of all their other obnoxiousness.

    Yep, they're scared, all right.

  • on a comment on Obama's VP over 6 years ago

    Hillary is the one doing the "mudslinging" then you truly have drunk the Kool-Aid.

    Mudslinger, thy name is OBAMABOT! All fueled, encouraged and sent by the candidate himself and by the corporate media.

  • comment on a post Who won the debate last night? over 6 years ago

    if "uh uh uh, um um, uh uh uh, I agree with Senator Clinton," is the sound of a "leader" I guess you've got a point, LOL!

    The only thing he's got going for him is the media plan to give 24/7 positive coverage to him, 24/7 negative coverage to Clinton - to subvert the democratic process and rig the election (nomination)  in his favor.

    This truly is the death knell of democracy - ah, but you don't care why the media is rigging the election, as long as it's in your favor.

    The integrity of you obamabots is astounding. You pod people should be so proud!

  • How's that?

  • When it comes to this nomination process (and Gore and Kerry before this) THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER ARE THE SAME THING!

    The media plan to subvert democracy and rig this nomination process are obvious to anyone with a brain.  That lets you out, I guess...

  • ...or your own candidate.

    Your "doom and gloom for Hillary" show, coupled with your "How dare her not tell the dishonest pundits who hate and malign her 24/7 what her plans are!" idiocy is pure crap - childishly transparent crap.


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