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    ...I was reading on another board (wish I could remember which one) a post by someone who once had ties to CNN. This person said that he/she usually posts on journalists' boards and when he/she posted about Shuster's comments, all the responses were to "suck it up - we're not gonna make a big deal about this" - my paraphrase, not a quote.

    Anyway, my point is that if the networks and cable stations were planning on shoving Shuster's comments under the rug, they're not gonna be able to do that now. Hillary pulling out of an MSNBC debate (when she had been pushing for debates) is NEWS - and all the news sources will have to tell the whole sordid, SEXIST, BIASED, inflammatory tale.


  • I'm a refugee from DAILY 'BAMA BOT and am here to find a sane port in the sh*tstorm!

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I've been reading here for a couple of weeks and, since I escaped from the horrid orange place, have been jonesing to be a commenter again.

    myDD has become my favorite place - not devoid of candidate fights, but definitely normal - it feels like both Obama and Clinton people are welcome to promote their candidate and to "fight" it out here - very different from that other place that shall not be named. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm a Clinton people.

    I donated to Hillary for the first time on Feb. 6 and will donate again before the weekend is over. It's so great to see her find her netroots - and we're certainly gonna be there for her!

    Thanks, myDD, for being here for us!

    p.s. I'm registered here under a different name than my handle at the other place just because I feel like I want to really have a new start in my political posting life.

  • Rep Slaughter:

    I guess, after seeing the comments about your pathetic justifications at Dkos and your copy and paste here, you realize you've lost yourself a whole lot of support today - the support of REAL democrats/progressives/Americans who REALLY care about this country and about our troops - and DOING THE RIGHT THING. (You're not the only one who lost our support, of course, but you're included fershure.)

    Keith Olbermann just said you "democrats" betrayed your party and  your promises because you were AFRAID of leaving for the Memorial Day holiday and giving Bush the chance to say bad things about you (my words). Is this junior high school?

    This is a sad, sad day for democracy and for America. And you "democrats" have yourselves to thank. You sold out your party for a kiss from Bush and the republicans - who will laugh at you in public and call you weak - and it will be repeated on every show from now until forever - like the Iraq War Authorization - remember that one? So, is this a proud day for you?

    We will work night and day to defeat WEAK, DISHONEST DEMOCRATS. And we won't forget...

  • Dear Rep Slaughter:

    I say this with great difficulty as I have been one of your supporters, but I don't believe this is a particularly "difficult day" for you - unless you're pretending it's "difficult" for you to betray the people who voted for you and to betray the troops.

    I'm not convinced by your arguments and I'm ashamed of you all who vote for this travesty - this RUBBER STAMP FOR BUSH. You're no better than the REPUBLICANS - and they're REALLY REALLY BAD!

    As has been said, at least 1,000 of our troops will DIE because of your "difficult" day. Poor you...


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