Republicans are Bullies

Republicans have bullied Democrats. 

1) They do not negotiate. 

2) They threaten, tease and try to scare. 

3) They cheat, (abuse filibuster, pack courts with fanatics, steal elections, distort and lie), and think they are entitled to cheat.

They have no bounds, no self-control, and no allegiance to our form of democratic government. 

QUESTION: How do you deal with a bully. 


1) You do not negotiate. 

2) Do not bully back. But, stand tall and push back.

3) Play by rules. But, use all rules to complete and full advantage.


A: Eliminate the filibuster.

B: Add extra seats to the Supreme Court and appoint impartial judges.

C: Disband the lower federal courts and refill them with new appointments.

D: Eliminate the Supreme Courts ability to overturn law permanently: they may delay the implementation of a law or interpret a law, but they cannot invalidate a law (overturn Marbury v. Madison).

E: Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.  

I believe there has been a long term strategy of the Republican moneyed base to weaken our democratic institutions. We need to respond appropriately to their bullying. 


Have Democrats been Bullied by Republicans?

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