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    As someone who works on the Clinton I have a very different perspective.  Your statement, "the Obama Campaign has the best ground operation in New Hampshire, by far" is a bit of an exaggeration methinks. Wondering how you have all of this "insider" info on how many doors the Clinton camp hits versus Obama?  I've done this in New Hampshire for many campaigns and I'm pretty sure we Hillary people disagree.   I thought that the Clinton camp was a "machine."  At least that's the way it is described by the other campaigns and the media?  Hmmm, I guess it's only a "machine" when it suits the storyline.

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    David Axelrod, "Obama's Narrator" has done a great job as political operative.  15 years of making his candidate "authentic" and an "outsider"  has worked on many-such a shame.  Thought we were over that voting with our guts not using facts,  theory of politics.  
    As far as  Edwards not slamming Obama- he's  hoping, as are the other non-front runners, that they can get the second choice vote in Iowa.  Trust me, the dirt throwing at others will be begin after Jan. 3rd.


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