• Senator Dick Durbin-BFF of "I didn't vote for Iraq" Obama, voted with Hillary Clinton.
    Dick Durbin:
    "If I thought there was any way it could be used as a pretense to launch an invasion of Iran I would have voted no,'' Durbin said in an interview.
     "I am opposed to military action in Iran," Durbin said, noting that it would require congressional approval. "To say we need to pressure the Iranians to change their course in the Middle East and I want to do it by nonmilitary means, that's what my vote was all about.''
    Political spin by candidates is simply phony rhetoric- Durbin had nothing to gain by his honest vote- he did actually vote against Iraq amendment-Is he in cahoots with Clinton? You guys are angry and inappropriately attempting to sabotage Hillary Clinton-shame on you.
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    With the media, the Republicans and the entire Democratic opponents using slash and burn on Hillary for weeks- I think these poll numbers speak to her strength.  No matter what they've been throwing -and much of it has been an attempt to reenforce the right wing's years of talking points-Hillary keeps on going.  
    Obama and Edwards people should get out of cyber space  every now and then and try living in the real world.
  • Andy, Andy, Andy- Please don't be so ridiculous-all of you Hillary haters are grasping at straws-Had the Clinton people been coached someone would have come forward to say so and that hasn't happened.  Obama and Edwards were booed because they said dumb things or were caught being hypocritical- This is just more negative spin against Hillary. Unless you have real proof, please stop.  If your candidates aren't strong enough on their merits than they don't deserve to win.
    While we're on the subject of house filling- Obama certainly had the house stacked during the JJ dinner-even Joe Biden started his speech by welcoming Illinois.  
  • Hillary clearly said in a debate that at the time "don't ask don't tell" was the best they could do.  She also clearly said that she would do away with it in favor of total open disclosure. Get your facts straight please.

  • Hillary and her supporters are just beginning the real fight.  Since all the candidates on both sides and the media have been throwing it at her hard and she hasn't imploded, you know her campaign has some intense basic strength.  
    Today, Bobby Kennedy Jr, perhaps 2nd only to Al Gore in the world of environmental policy, has endorsed Hillary Clinton and will campaign in Iowa- Just the beginning- Oprah's celebrity endorsement pales when compared to endorsements of substance.  
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    Doesn't Obama have Robert Gibbs the famous Osama/Howard Dean ad guy?  Real pureness in that campaign huh?

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    Just watched Chris Matthews gloating over the Zogby-also absolutely ignoring Gallup- In addition, Real Clear Politics has increased her national lead this week-Usually Matthews loves that site-his reporting is so treacherous and dishonest. How can MSNBC let him continue to not to mention his guests-the Washington Post reporter looked very, very uncomfortable- the others just sucked up to him.  So frustrating and unfair.

  • And Angelou's endorsement was exquisite!  http://www.hillaryclinton.com/video/35.a spx

  • Both you and the NY Times got the Hillary quote wrong about "praying to lose weight"  It was during a candidates forum on religion.  Hillary was asked what kinds of things she prayed for and she was making a joke.  
    When Obama was asked a few days ago which three people in history he'd like to have dinner with her said, Gandhi, Lincoln and (George Bush's favorite) Jesus Christ.   Great dinner table conversationalist I've heard.
  • Yes, HIllary Clinton was a very successful lawyer but she has been successful in nearly everything she has ever done.  Her traditional law career was just a small part of her training.
    "Screwing up the only job she was ever given" is hardly the truth.    She has had many jobs and been highly successful (if only you would google a bit you could find the truth of her experience and accomplishments) You must remember (although you may not be old enough) what she was up against when attempting to reform the healthcare system.  It also argues perfectly for experience.  The Clinton's came from Arkansas totally prepared (or so they thought) to change the country.  What they found was what Barack Obama would find-not everyone is on the same page- everyone has their own agenda and it's just not possible without working within the system.   Any promises made are either naive or outright lies.  No one knows what we'll find in January of 2009- the economy isn't looking good with our huge debt, the war in Iraq has so many possible branches, the possibility of another terrorist attack is always real, etc. etc.  The far left is outraged that the Democrats in Congress aren't getting us out of Iraq immediately there is a naivitee that does not serve our country well.  Their unrealistic demands, kind of like small children stamping their feet, is irrational at best.  We need to nominate more Democrats and we need to unify our party.  Throwing dirt at others on our team under the label of "defining differences" is just plain wrong and hurting us.
    HIllary Clinton has always been the first person Bill Clinton discussed policy with.  No one who has contact with them will tell you differently.  Her great wealth of experience started as a young person and extended through her entire life.  If you have closed your mind to possibilities of this or any other post it doesn't matter -you will not go further than your filter will allow. It is my hope that you care enough to do the work and let yourself learn about the other candidates using full facts not just hype and political sloganeering.  
  • Afraid you're wrong my friend.    Have you ever looked at Hillary Clinton's resume?  Please don't just read blogs and watch the pundits- Google and read the history.  Hillary Clinton did a lot more than sleeping in the White House -this just shows ignorance of facts-you are spewing both the Republican and less experienced candidates talking points. You never hear Biden, Dodd or Richardson say that Hillary Clinton merely slept in the White House.  They know what Hillary Clinton has accomplished not only in the White House but her entire lifetime of work.  

  • Who can disagree with John Edward's rhetoric-Absolutely spot on.  Unfortunately, when he had the chance to actually make changes during his Senate years, he voted very differently.  In fact his progressive rating was only 72.5%.  
    As Barney Frank said last night on Charlie Rose-"I have a question I wanted to ask John Edwards. There was a Senator that served from 1998 to 2006 named John Edwards. I'm wondering if he's any relation to the John Edwards who is running for President?" http://www.charlierose.com/shows/2007/11 /23/2/a-conversation-with-rep-barney-fra nk-d-ma
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    Don't you have any doctors in Iowa?

    John Edwards made over 60 million dollars as a trial lawyer suing doctors, health insurance companies and corporations.  My husband is a doctor, that is a small business.  Edward's $60 million  plus was his salary-he probably had a secretary or two and maybe a para-legal but don't think he paid them their fair share of that mega load.  I know how small business people like my husband feel about this.  Even though my husband has never been sued he still pays higher premiums partially because of trial lawyers.  

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    Sure -they are all good but Hillary has the campaign movement, the gravitas and the "in the White House" experience. Additionally she has been battle tested by the right  (and now unfortunately by our own team) for 15 years.  Anyone who thinks that the Republicans are going to embrace Dodd, Biden, Richardson, Obama or Edwards is living in an alternate universe. On the first  day Hillary Clinton willl send Bill Clinton off to the rest of the world as an emissary to help repair the damage.  As you know I'm sure, we are in deep trouble and having a twofer ain't a bad proposition to many of us.   Additionally, the other two politicians near the top, Edwards and Obama don' t have much other than campaign rhetoric from great political operatives.  They may have good hearts but there is not that much substance yet.  Sloganeering just won't cut it.  
    General Sherman, are you one that believes a fresh new face is what's needed in Washington and that learning on the job is a good thing?  In my opinion, that may be good if you're running to be a state senator but President of the United States in the dangerous environment we now find ourselves living is rocket science not bush league.
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    Superficial, gut voting people perhaps are seeing voting for Hillary Clinton as "status quo"  Anyone with a brain and who reads more than blogs and doesn't get tehier news from Fox or MSNBC would have some perspective.  There is no comparison on experience or competence.  Obama was a part time state senator until 2 1/2 years ago. As he says "perhaps my greatest international experience is that I lived in a foreign country as a child" Give me a break- ideology over reality.  Let's try to take off the filters and the spin and do our children a favor by voting with a brain and some objectivity.  If you buy the talking points, vote for the political operative not the candidates.  David Axelrod for President- WaHoo!


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