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    Obama will share the rookie mistakes too

    Bright Star of Mass. Tarnished by Lapses
    'Don't Give Up on Me,' Gov. Patrick Pleads
    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2007/03/17/AR2007031701005. html

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    I know of the person who wrote that speech for Deval Patrick-not Obama- I can get a name- Axelrod has intertwined the campaigns so you can't tell who is channeling who.  MA voters weren't fooled by this-  

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    Deval Patrick:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhQtoVe-l h8

    Obama last night
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cd-AJeJv BE


    Hope, Change, Yes We Can -Deval Patrick trademarks-Voters of MA rejected Obama- now Patrick's refrain is:
    "don't give up on me."
    Obama's campaign is based on words-but whose are they?

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    This is what's happening and it's really, really scary- We need to get back to reality- No way to compete by discussing silly things like issues and solutions-
    http://www.crooksandliars.com/2008/02/16 the-cult-like-attack-of-obama
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    When competing against the messiah it's hard to have a reality based campaign manager- Everyone should keep in mind that the present governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, another acolyte of David Axelrod also used the rallying cry:  "yes we can"- he's changed his tune a bit since taking office to: "don't give up on me"
    http://www.crooksandliars.com/2008/02/16 the-cult-like-attack-of-obama

    FYI-Perhaps those quoting ARG should do some research on their reliability.

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    You forgot  to mention that both Patrick and Obama  share the same political operative, David Axelrod- No one is questioning Patrick (or Obama's)  good intentions but Deval  didn't have the experience to get off to a great start-He's getting it- but he had a very rocky beginning- The worry is that the business of the Presidency is grave and urgent- On the first day in office the whole world will be watching unlike the Massachusetts governorship.  http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articl es/2008/02/12/bay_state_voters_know_thei r_limits/

    "Bay State voters know their limits
    By Peter S. Canellos  |  February 12, 2008

    WASHINGTON - In 2006, Deval Patrick ran for governor of Massachusetts on what his consultant, David Axelrod, called "the politics of aspiration." Patrick talked about hope - a lot. And when people said they were just words, he quoted the Declaration of Independence to upbraid those who think words don't matter. He told voters "Yes, we can," and later, more broadly, "Together, we can."

    These words had a lot of power, as it turned out, propelling Patrick to a landslide. They echoed words that had been used by Barack Obama - also advised by Axelrod - in his record-setting Senate race in Illinois in 2004.

    Last week, many voters in Massachusetts heard some of those words again at a massive rally for Obama's presidential campaign, joined by Patrick and the state's two senators, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. But the next day, the people of Massachusetts went out and voted for the candidate of experience.

    While voters in much of the country were becoming enthralled by Obama, who continues to gain momentum, Massachusetts voters struck a discordant note. Hillary Clinton beat Obama by 15 points in the Bay State, almost as big a margin as in New York, which she has represented in the Senate for seven years.. .
    So Patrick's record has been a mixed bag. But the usual ups and downs can be devastating to someone who has staked everything on bringing about change. Whether posited by a candidate for governor or for president, the politics of hope invites disappointment, simply because hope means something different to every person.

    Last week, people in Massachusetts had a second chance for hope - and took a pass."

    The point is that we can't afford a candidate, no matter how well intentioned, with a weak resume to assume the Presidency- fine to take some time to get up to speed as governor-Leader of the free world is a very different story. Depth and breathe of dare I say , experience,  matters. "Aspirations" and rhetoric have their place but within the perspective of a reality based universe-no time for magical thinking- we are in big trouble.

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    For those interested in getting a great run down of Obama negative hits on Clinton check out: http://facts.hillaryhub.com/
    Click on Attack Timeline   -It starts a year ago and is a comprehensive listing, hyperlink proof, to all of the Obama people who think that the Clinton "machine" has been the evil ones.
    A little reality check-how did reality go back to being uncool-didn't the Bush years teach us anything?
  • Frank Rich has some serious personal issues-Wish we could out these moralizing hypocrites-Kind of like the outing of Republican gay men. Frank Rich is nothing short of a scumbag- and they give him the Sunday slot- Sickening.

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    If Edwards endorses Obama it would be a slap in the face to anyone who believes in universal healthcare.  Also- Obama's operative, David Axelrod who was Edward's in 2004-used many of the same buzz Edwards words and phrases for  Obama. (Also Governor Deval Patrick in MA- "Yes we can"  was overused by Patrick in his successful run for office - Patrick has been a major disappointment since taking office-major rookie mistakes-"Just words"-another speech Obama "borrowed" from Patrick- so many of the same empty slogans)  I understand that Elizabeth Edwards was quite upset by this.  Anyone who has spent time with Hillary Clinton is blown away by the depth and breathe of her knowledge, experience and commitment.  MY hope is that the meeting in N. Carolina would at least have convinced the Edwards that Hillary has the gravitas- let's see what happens with the Obama meeting-maybe he'll play a little basketball -he's such a fun guy.

  • I was in Iowa- Obama lives in the next state.  With the bad weather I couldn't get out for two days- Obama's people had no problem driving in their cars.  The Obama machine had their people living in apartments in the small towns for an entire year.  Mississippi and Iowa are the only two states to have never elected a woman to higher office- no congressmen, no senator and no governor- no surprise that Hillary Clinton didn't do well there.

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    Iowa and Mississippi are the only two states never to have elected a woman to Congress, Senate or the Governorship.  I think the good folks of Iowa are ready for that kind of change.  In light of the sad news today - the race that had turned into the Oprah approved American Idol contest-is now back on track confronted by the reality of a grave and crucial Presidential quest.  Busloads of outsiders aren't necessarily going to do it for Iowans-they're smarter than that.

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    Can you give me some specifics?   Just the facts please?

  • Edwards lost his own state last time- He was pathetic in debates with Cheney- What makes people think that just because he changed his positions on the Iraq war vote, universal health care etc. that he has changed his ability to win?  He hasn't had a real day job since he lost last time- He was been running for President the whole time and he's still in distant third in most states. Not to mention that he didn't raise enough money so he had to take the matching funds option (although his campaign spun it as "his choice"-as if.)  That means if he won the nomination he would have  nearly a year to compete against a Republican machine with unlimited money.  These polls show him winning because he's not on most people's radar- Let's put him in the spotlight and see what happens to those numbers- 28,200 sq. ft house doesn't fit the populist image (nearly built)  

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    Totally wrong- Joe Biden still thinks he voted correctly given the information he had at the time and he has major gravitas on national security and foreign affairs- get your facts straight please-  Obama said on Meet the Press that he doesn't know how he would have voted in the same circumstances.   And- if Obama had taken the time to vote on the Iran amendment- he would have voted with Dick Durbin?  That would mean he would have voted with Hillary Clinton as well- Unfortunately Obama prefers often to avoid making a real decision -although he loves to criticize others who do.

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    When you distrust Hillary's judgement are you basing that solely on the Iraq vote?  If so have you read her floor speech? Do you know that the other Senators running (the only other people in the race who have opinions on this issue that  matter because they had the same information and same responsibility as Hillary- they were not part time state senators) voted the same way?.  To this day Joe Biden says if he had it to do over with the same information he would have still voted to give the President the power.  Voting against giving a United States President, during a time of national crisis,  that power,  would have been precedent they didn't want to set.  The Iran vote was also a method of diplomacy-you may recall that Dick Durbin- Obama's close friend, supporter and truly anti-war Senator voted with Clinton on this one.

    Her vision? Hillary Clinton saw in the 90's the importance of countries like India and China- She traveled extensively and used "soft diplomacy" as the Hillary-bashing Healy at least mentioned today- By diplomatic standards  "soft diplomacy" is a crucial aspect of foreign policy.  She may not have had 15 years of David Axelrod making her "authentic" and encouraging her to write two autobiographies before the age of 45 -she may not have had that kind of vision.  
    I hope you can give some examples (other than what I'm sure you believe is her (and Biden's)  inability to admit that the Iraq vote was wrong?   Can you name other examples that have facts to back them up?  


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