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    Chris Bowers is a national treasure.

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    Your views are so congruent with mine that I find little to say.

    The best populist candidate by a mile is James Webb.

    Draft James Webb.

    Bush is the Perfect Storm economically and internationally.  He and his handlers will have destroyed the United States...which, given the tremendous isolation of the United States is probably not such a bad idea.

    I would imagine that the conversations in most of the capitals of the world is how to let the US descend into irrelevance without descending with them.

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    In the words of General Eisenhower, Brion, I couldn't fail to disagree with you less.

    I agree.

    But where did the deficit under Bush II come from?  Lowering taxes a la Reagonomics?  Yes.

    But, at the margin, it was the war in Iraq.

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    Wasserman is hot.

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    If you told me that Webb would be Vice President with Obama, then I would take notice of Obama.

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    What Obama has is the latent misogynistic tsunami of crypto-homoerotic haters of Hillary Clinton.

    Without Hillary, Obama is nothing.

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    What we don't need is dishonesty and cliques.

    Has Obama revealed a strong capacity for dishonesty?  Yes.  These "straw men" that Chris has accurately identified are the worst kind of evidence of dishonesty.  How do you tell when Obama is telling the truth?

    Has Obama joined a ruling clique whose views he values more than Chris Bowers, for example?  Res ipsa loquitur.

    Look, I don't want to be identified as a someone with a looney, idée fixe that lurks in blog comment sections proposing his troubled version of reality, but what we do need is someone, like Ned Lamont, who is the real thing and not the member of any clique.  And who can appeal to a broad cross-section of Americans.

    Name anyone on the national scene today who fills that description.  The forces of darkness would have you believe that it's some kind of satanic marriage between Bloomberg and Lieberman.

    It's someone a hell of a lot more like, in fact it is, Jame Webb.

    Draft him before the country goes to hell.

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    What about James Webb?  He is the only Democrat who has shown that he can beat a Republican Presidential candidate in their HOME STATE.

    If I were a Democratic king maker, I would be drooling to have Webb run.

    Gun control?  Let's be serious for awhile.  50,000 dead on the highway each year.  Houses within two miles of a body of water uninsurable because of flood risk.  I'll spot him gun control.

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    "I think it is little more than a dream that Webb would even consider running for president"

    You do?  

    Well, I can identify one prominent Washingtonian who doesn't think it's a dream: George Will.  

    You think George Will has time to sit down and write an hysteric character assassination unless he thinks the stakes are pretty high?

    James Webb is a nightmare the Rove Boys are already having.  Please believe me.  They're trying to stop Webb before he gains momentum.  I promise you I am telling the truth.

    If Chris Bowers is out there, what do you think?

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    It is very tempting to wait six years for his Senate term expires to consider him for the Presidency, but it would be a tragic mistake for the United States.

    Qualifications?  What are George Bush's qualifications to be President?  Primogeniture?  Stupidity?  Lack of any understanding of any process in the world today?

    James Webb is qualified to be President now.  We need him now.  Two years in the Senate is enough.

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    Do whatever you want, Chris, you are a national treasure.

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    Once again, MyDD hits the ball out of the park.  Superb post.

    I have stopped visiting Marshall's site.  It's Drudge with make-up.

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    Landrieu is too hot to lose.

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    Those assholes will sink without a trace.  Good riddance.

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    Words of wisdom.  Let's get to work.  Let's make it so that crooks in Florida can't steal elections any more.  Let's oppose the Sociopath-in-Chief, etc. etc.


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