• What I find the most interesting about this post by far is that it is by Chris Bowers.

    Chris Bowers is one of the most thoughtful analysts out there.

    I think that Chris has to elaborate this a great deal.  Make it bulleted.  Make it Power-Point ready.

    And I think that when that happens, the United States is going to look even more bleak and destructive than it did before.


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    Hillary is clearly the most intelligent and thoughtful candidate of the bunch.  I say this out of no love for Hillary.  But it's the truth.

    She deserves to win.

    I also point out that she is one hell of a formidable candidate.  Those who attempt to pass off her success in NY as the result of a Liberal-Jewish conspiracy are destined to repeat history.  She is completely unstoppable in a state with a truly diverse electorate.  And, with all the money in the world and all the hate and all the foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Hillary loonies out in force, she trounced the competition.

    Hillary for President.

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    AIPAC rules!  So to speak...

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    Chris is completely in the right on this.

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    This is the thread that must be pulled to unravel the entire cloak of deception that has led the United States to where it is today.

    How did the United States become the client of a deranged minority in a tiny country thousands of miles from its shores?

    How did this happen?

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    JIM WEBB FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would add that it is no accident that Bush is talking about balancing the budget.

    He is trying to control the discussion of the economy as it tanks.

    He knows that he is incredibly vulnerable on the economy and that it is cratering.

    It's like Iraq, he's looking for a way to make himself look good.

    At our expense.  As always.

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    Deflation is a state of mind.  You stop buying because you think prices are going down.

    If you have leveraged your purchase to the hilt and have been burned badly, then you really and truly think about not buying.

    Why can't the government print money to get us out of any deflationary trap?

    A) It doesn't work (cf. Japan).

    B) They've already printed the money.  It's in China.

    I pray, I sincerely pray, that the economy does great in 2007.  But if it doesn't it's Bush's fault.

    If Clinton were still President, our prosperity would be his fault.

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    Go get 'em Chris.  You de man!

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    Wait a minute!

    If the economy craters, it's Bush's fault.  And Greenspan's, but Greenspan did just about everything possible to prop Bush up except a Lewinsky in the Oval Office, and I have my doubts about that too.

    It's Bush's fault.

    I hope the economy is nothing but miracles for the rest of existence, but if it craters, it's Bush's fault.

    Does anyone in their right mind say different?

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    How the fuck can they not allow the source code to be examined?

    The competing rights are:

    1) Trade secrecy

    2) Fair elections in a Democracy

    What the fuck!  The country is not a Democracy.

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    The Republican Party is the party of impeachment.


    They impeached Bill Clinton for fellatio.  Technically for lying about fellatio, but considering that if they could have proven he lied about a parking ticket, they couldn't have impeached him, we have to admit it was an impeachment for fellatio.

    The party of impeachment.

    Hearings, my friends, won't cut it.

    On the other hand, the Bush Administration is already over.  Yes, he will kill as many people as he can, because that is all he knows how to do, before the he leaves the White House.  But his Administration is over, and he knows it.

    He wants headlines.  He wants them really badly.  The reason for the delay in the "IRAQ DECISION" is that he realizes he doesn't have that many more headlines left.

    Give him the best headline of all: "BUSH IMPEACHED".

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    If he had what's called a transient ischemic attack, then the country has been placed in the hands of an unknown surgeon performing a "routine" operation: carotid endarterectomy.


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    When one stops to think that the Republicans attempted to impeach Clinton for lying about fellatio in the Oval Office...

    The American people have very little time to wake up and smell the coffee.  I doubt very much that they'll make it.


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